December 29th, 2017

Activation/ROM work
KB Windmill x 10/side
Bottom’s Up KB Press x 6-8/side x 2
Prone IYT’s x 10×2
Pigeon Pose Belly Breathing x 30 seconds/side

Gymnastics Work
A1. Kick-up to Freestanding HS Hold x 10-20 seconds (accumulated) x 3 sets
A2. Tight Kip Swings on Rings x 8-10 x 3 sets (hold something between the feet here)

A. Snatch; build to today’s heavy single

30 Clean & Jerks for time @135/95

Rest 15-20 minutes

30 Muscle-Ups for Time

If you don’t have MUs, complete, for time:
Ring Dips
Kipping Pull-ups



  1. Gymnastics: done
    A. 185 meh. Failed 195 twice
    Grace: 2:45. I almost peed myself and spent some seconds trying to hold it. I’m just dropping in at this gym and it seemed like it could have been awkward.
    MU: 6:00. I think this is a lot faster than the last time we did this. I opened with a set of 10 which felt great but then around number 20 I could only do singles.

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  2. Gymnastics: Done.

    Snatch: 140 – Looking forward to getting back into some technique work.

    Grace: 7:02 – A full 3+ minutes worse than my PR. A long road back. Ready.

    MU: Ceiling is too low. Did dips and pull-ups. 11:44

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  3. Gymnastics: Check. Been getting better at stopping myself before slamming into the wall on handstands. Slowing trying to wean myself away from the wall…

    Snatch: 135#… super super happy with how these felt today! 140# fail.

    Grace: 2:34 (remember doing this about 1.5ish years ago and did it in like 5 something)… CUT MY TIME IN HALF! I’m a proud camper. 🙂

    RD/PU Struggle Bus: 23 something haha

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  4. Activation/ROM work: done

    Gymnastics Work
    A1. Got sets of 5-6 seconds with some tips from Cooper
    A2. Done the following day.

    A. Not pretty. Built to 118.

    3:15. No idea how this compares…

    30 Muscle-Ups for Time – did bar MUs in 17 & 1/2 min. First 20 were done in 10 min and majorly struggled from there. Not my best day on the bar.

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