April 1st, 2016

A. Three sets, not for time, of:
Muscle-Ups with a Pause at Receiving and Pause at Full Extension x 2-5 reps
(OR Low Ring Muscle Up Progression + Dip Catch & Extension x 3-4 reps)
Freestanding Hold x 20-30 seconds (use assistance if needed)
Strict Toes to Bar x 5-8 reps @ 3111

B. Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets):
Snatch w/No Hook-Grip and No Foot Movement x 1 rep @60-75% of 1-RM

C. Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets):
Split Jerk x 1-2 reps @ 70-80% of 1-RM
*Technique focus here; no press-outs

D. Three sets @85-90%:
50/40 Calorie Row
Rest 1:1


March 30th, 2016

*Our first Off-Season training cycle will begin on Monday, April 4th.  Between now and then, training will be light, fun, and informal.

I would love to hear from all of you regarding what you would like to see in the upcoming weeks/months, as well as what you felt like was effective for you over the last few months of training.  I think we are all on the same page that the focus in these next few months should be on getting collectively stronger, while building a big aerobic base.  However, I want to know what each of you think is your biggest area of weakness, and what you learned from competing in this year’s Open.

A. Three sets of:
Sott’s Press (or Press in Snatch) x 5 reps
Rest as needed

B. Three sets of:
Trap-3 raise x 8 reps/arm
Rest 45 seconds
Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 reps/leg @3011 (unweighted)
Rest 45 seconds
Arch Hold x 20-30 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

C. Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes:
Odd Minutes: Assault Bike 12/9 Calories
Even Minutes: 150 Meter Run

March 29th, 2016

*Congratulations to everyone on their performances in this year’s Open competition!  Enjoy some time off, and celebrate your accomplishments!

If you really feel like getting a workout in today, here’s my recommendation:

A. Three sets, not for time, of:
10-15 Meter Handstand Walk
8-12 Alternating Pistols
30-40 Second Hollow Hold or L-Sit Hold

B. “Rowling”

Rowling is a rowing competition (game) that uses a similar format to that of a game of bowling.

Each athlete will row 10 “frames”. The goal for each frame is to stop the meter counter as close to a designated distance as possible.

For example, if the designated number is 200m; if at the end of the “frame” the counter reads 202m, the score for that frame is 2. The score would be the same if the counter read 198m. If the counter stops on 200m, the score for the frame is 0 and would thus be equivalent to a strike in bowling. The goal is to have the lowest score for each round and the lowest accumulated score for the game.

Sounds fairly simple! The rules are as follows:
– You are only allowed full strokes.

– Once you stop rowing, you are done rowing for the frame and the handle must be put back in the catch before the meter counter comes to a complete stop.

– In the 10th “frame”, if a strike is rowed, a second opportunity is give to row again. If another strike is rowed, the 0 for the 11th row will replace your highest score in any previous round. This can happen twice in the 10th frame, just like in bowling. So essentially if you master your rower by the 10th frame, you have the opportunity to make up for two bad frames.

The distance for each frame of today’s game will be 200 Meters

C. Not for time (and totally optional):
20 Turkish Get Ups (moderate weight)

March 28th, 2016

*Unless you are completing 16.5 for a second (or first) time today, congratulations on being officially done with the 2016 Open!

We gave out some awards last night, and I will definitely be putting a blog post together that will summarize our thoughts and reflections from this year’s competition.

I advise all of you to stay away from working out today, and avoid going to the gym at all if possible.  This entire week will be oriented around physical and mental restoration, with some easy and fun work outs, but I strongly encourage taking at least today completely off from exercise.  Use this hour (or two) that you normally spend training to reflect on your last year, and think about putting together some goals for the next competitive “season.”  Or, you can just not think about working out at all.  Either one works.

Again, great job everyone!  We are super proud of how you represented the Range in this year’s Open!


March 26th, 2016

*Congrats to everyone that completed 16.5, and is finished with the Open! If you would like to take today completely off, that is entirely up to you. Next week will be extremely light, and I encourage you all to try and get out of the gym, and recharge yourselves mentally and emotionally after these tough 5 weeks. If you would like to hit a workout, here is what our classes will be doing today:

A. Against a 3-minute running clock, complete:
25 Kettlebell Swings
200 Meter Run
Double Unders x Max Reps

Rest 3 minutes, then…

B. Against a 3-minute running clock, complete:
15 Ball Slams
200 Meter Row
Strict Handstand Push-ups (or L-Seated Dumbbell Press) x Max Reps

Rest 3 minutes, then…

C. Against a 3-minute running clock, complete:
20 GHD Sit-ups
20/15 Calorie Assault Bike
Pull-ups x Max Reps

Rest 3 minutes, then…

Repeat Parts A, B, and C for a second cycle.

Record reps of Double Unders, HSPUs, and Pull-ups completed in each set

16.5 Thoughts & Suggestions

Hey Everyone,

I received a notification on Wednesday that I had posted my 100th post to this blog.  So, to anyone that has been here since the beginning, congrats on completing (roughly) 100 workouts in this program!  Think back on these sessions, and all the ones before it, and try to comprehend the amount of hard work that you’ve put into this.  I can attest to the fact that these past few months have NOT been easy; you are all tougher, better conditioned, and more skilled than when we started.  Remember that.

Now, put that to use, and smash this last workout.  Because you worked for it.  And you’re ready.


“CrossFit Open Workout 16.5 (also 14.5)”
Complete rounds of 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6 and 3 reps for time of:
95/65 lb Thrusters
Bar-Facing Burpees

For those of us that remember this one (and, if you completed it, you haven’t forgotten), we know that there is really no beauty in the design of this one.  The Thrusters and Burpees work similar muscle groups, so unless you’re a total animal, you’ll be pacing the crap out of these first sets in order to stay alive by the end.  Here are some thoughts on each of the movements:


  • The goal here is to make the movement AEROBIC, just like the Power Snatches from 16.3.  The general recommendation here is to give a brief pause at the top of each Thrusters, with the bar fully locked out over your base of support, take a breath, then ride and rebound into the next one.  This “marking” of your position at the top will make it easier for you to return there at the end of each lift, and will also allow your body a brief moment to prepare for the stretch-shortening cycle that will propel your next lift.
  • 99% of people should have a plan to break these up, ideally in a descending rep scheme.  My favorite, and what I did in 2014, was:
    • 8-7-6 (21)
    • 7-6-5 (18)
    • 6-5-4 (15)
    • 5-4-3 (12)
    • 4-3-2 (9)
    • 6
    • 3 (you shouldn’t break up 6 and 3.  Just don’t)
  • STAY AS RELAXED AS POSSIBLE as you work through these reps.  Difficult to do, I know, but we are looking at a constant, steady pace here, not a rapid-fire, all-out sprint.


  • Same methods should be used here as 16.1.  Peel off the ground, “snap” the hips up, take a small step, then jump over the bar.  Slower folks might be taking several steps here, but the key is this: don’t go to jump over the bar from 3 feet away unless you are on your sets of 6 and 3 and are trying to hammer it home.  This excessive jump will add up QUICKLY, so do yourself a favor and step toward the bar as you come up from the ground.
  • Just as with the Thrusters, these need to be kept aerobic, so don’t go too hard too fast.  The rounds of 21 and 18 are not where this workout will be determined; the rounds of 15 and 12 are.  If you have the ability to pick it up a bit on these sets, you will be in good position to push it all the way through the end; if you finish your set of 18, and are totally smoked, well, good luck.


  • Prior to the workout, mobility issues should be addressed: ankles, hips, thoracic spine, overhead position. Also (and this should go without saying), be sure to hydrate throughout the day leading up to this, as dehydration will enhance fatigue in the later rounds (both actual fatigue, and your perception of it).
  • Get a good aerobic warm-up in, working from longer, slower paced biking or rowing, to some shorter, higher-power intervals (ie. 30 seconds on/30 seconds off).
  • Build to a moderately-heavy double or triple on the Thruster, but not something that causes your technique or approach for each rep to change significantly from what it will look like at your working weight.
  • Run through a few short sets of Thrusters and Burpees at the pace you will use for your rounds of 21 and 8.
  • Rest a few minutes, then get after it!

Good luck to everyone completing this tonight/tomorrow, and congratulations on completing the 2016 Open.  We will be having our “End of the Open” Potluck this Saturday (March 26th), at 5pm.  We would love to see all of you there!

March 23rd, 2016

A. Take 10 minutes to build to a heavy-ish single Thruster
*Once your speed through the middle of the rep slows significantly, shut it down and move on

B. Three sets of:
Single Arm Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm
Rest 45 seconds
Hollow Rocks x 20-30 reps
Rest 45 seconds
Kneeling Kettlebell Halos x 5 reps each direction (slow and controlled)
Rest 45 seconds

300 Meter Run @ your best mile pace
Rest walk 50 meters
200 Meter Run @ 5 seconds faster than your best mile pace
Rest walk 50 meters
100 Meter Sprint @ 95% (stay away from all out effort here… keep it under control)
Rest 2 minutes
x4-5 rounds