July 11th, 2017

Activation Work
Turkish Get Up – build to a heavy single each arm (10 minutes here)

A. Power Clean w/Pause at knee and Pause in catch + Push Jerk; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2; 75%x2
B. Power Clean + Push Jerk; 80%x2x3
C. Pause Jerk + Split Jerk; 70%x1+2; 80%x1+1
D. Split Jerk; 85%x1x3

Seated Good Morning x10x3
Rear Delt Flies x 10-12 x 3
Seated Single Arm Press x 10/side x 3

500m Run @1-mile PR pace
Rest 1 minute
300m Sprint
Rest 4 minutes
x 3 sets

Optional AM Session
10 minute Assault Bike @70-75%
Rest walk/stretch 2 minutes
x 3 sets

*Same cals for each set is the goal here; keep the wattage consistent



  1. TGU: 70 KB/arm

    PC with pauses and jerk: 115/135/165/175
    PC and j: 185
    Jerks with pauses: 185/205
    SJ: 215

    Ass work: 65# for seated GM
    10# each hand for flies
    35# DB

    Done on true form:
    1:59-2:03 per 500m
    :57-1:02 per 300m

    Damn it was sweaty

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  2. TGU – worked up to a 40# DB

    A. 83, 103, 123, 128
    B. 133
    C. only worked up to 123 here, was having trouble correctly doing the pause jerk and wanted to make sure I was doing it right
    D. 133

    Seated Good Morning done at 53# x10x3
    Rear Delt Flies done at 5# x 10-12 x 3
    Seated Single Arm Press done at 25# x 10/side x 3

    Subbed a Vball game for the conditioning today

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