June 13th, 2017

A. Behind the Neck Push Jerk + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; 60%x1+1+1; 70%x1+1+1; 75%x1+1+1; 75-80%x1+1+1 x 2 sets
B. Push Press x 3 x 3 @75-80% of last week’s heavy complex w/3-second hold overhead on each rep
C. Segmented Clean Deadlift (pause for 2-seconds @ 2″ off the ground, top of knee, mid-thigh); 80%x3; 90%x3; 100%x2; 105%x2x2 (use straps and lower back to the ground slowly; % is based off Clean)

Assistance work
Half Kneeling DB Press x 8 arm x 2 @41X1
Band Pull-Throughs x 30 x 2 @1010
Trap-3 Raise x 10 reps/side x 2 @2020

3 minute row @ 3-4 seconds slower per 500m than your 2k pace
minute 1 stroke rate @ 20
minute 2 stroke rate @ 24
minute 3 stroke rate @ 26
rest/walk for 1 minute
x3-4 rounds

June 12th, 2017

Activation Work
Half-Kneeling Banded Face Pulls x 8/side x 2
Single Leg KB Deadlift x 6/side x 2
Banded Lateral Walk x 10/side x 2

A. Snatch Balance; 50%x1; 60%x1; 70%x1; 80%x1; 90%x1; all OT90 seconds
B. Snatch + OHS; 70%x2+2; 75%x2+2; 80%x2+2
C. Front Squat; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2; 80%x2; all OT90 seconds 

2017 Granite Games Qualifier Workout: Week 1
12 minute AMRAP
10 hang squat clean (135/95lbs)
10 alt. front rack reverse lunges (135/95lbs)
20 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Accessory/Gymnastics work (optional)
1 – Lean Away Ring Pull-ups x 3-5 @3-second lowering
2 – Crab slider walk x10m **head first, straight body, arms locked out
EMOM x6 minutes
1 – Barbell Rows off GHD (sorenson position) x 10-15 reps
2 – V-Ups x 10-15 reps

June 10th, 2017

Freestanding HS Hold; 8-10 total kick-ups for max time

A. Deficit Deadlift (2″); 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x3x3; 80%x3x2
B. Bench Press; 5-RM
C. Clean Pull from Blocks; 80%x3; 90%x3; 100%x2x2

Assistance Work
Single Arm Landmine Press x 10/side x 3
DB External Rotations x 8/side x 3

40-60 Minute Run @steady 70% effort

June 9th, 2017

**We will be completing the Granite Games Qualifier Workout (Week 1) on Monday

Optional AM Session
5 rounds @easy pace:
20/15 Cal Row
15-20 Second Hanging L-Sit Hold
20/15 Cal Bike
15-20 Perfect Arch Rocks
20/15 Cal Ski
8-10 Side Plank Reach-Throughs (each side)

Activation work
Lateral Band Walks x 10/side x 2
Prone I’s Y’s T’s x 10 each x 2

A. Snatch Pull + Snatch; every 2 minutes x 8 sets, building to today’s heavy single
B. Front Squat + Jerk Dip + Jerk ; every 2:30 x 8 sets; build to today’s heavy single

12 minute amrap:
8 Single Arm OH KB Walking Lunge Steps (32/24kg) –Right Arm
8 Burpees
8 Single Arm OH KB Walking Lunge Steps (32/24kg) — Left Arm
4/3 Ring Muscle Ups

Assistance Work
Bar Rows – accumulate 40 reps

June 7th, 2017

Activation Work:
Single Arm Upright Row x 10/side x 2
Bottom’s Up KB Press x 10/side x 2
KB Windmill x 10/side
Circular Scap Pull-ups x 10×2

Gymnastic (from CFM)
A. HS Walk Practice; 30ft lengths x 4-5
B1. Prone weighted PVC pass throughs lying on bench x5 reps slow and controlled x 3 sets **heavier than last week
B2. Bridge Heel Slides x 5-7 reps x 3 sets **keep hips up thought the entire movement
C. Hollow Rocks; max reps in 90 seconds

A. Bottom’s Up Back Squat; 65%x5x3
B. Hang Power Clean; 70%x2x4 w/pause in catch
C. OH Yoke Walk x 100ft x 2

3 sets:
200 Meter Run @90%
18 Toes to Bar
21 Ring Push-ups
Rest 2 minutes between sets

June 6th, 2017

Activation Work
Single Leg Hip Thruster x 10/side x 2
Front Rack Opener x 10/side x 2
PVC Elbow Touches x 5-7 x 2
T-Spine Stretch on Medball x 30 seconds x 2

A. Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; build to a heavy complex here
B. Depth Drop to Hurdle Jump x3x3

5 TnG Clean & Jerks @135/95
10 Second Bike Sprint @100%
Every 3 minutes
x 5 sets
Rest 5 minutes
200 Meter Row Sprint @100%
Rest 4 minutes
x 3 sets
30 Second Row @85%
Rest 30 seconds
30 Second Bike @80%
Rest 30 seconds
x 10 minutes

June 5th, 2017

**We will taper down over the next couple of days, in order to attack the Granite Games Qualifier workout(s) on Friday. If you are interested in signing up, do so tonight, as the price goes up at midnight!

Gymnastics (courtesy of CFM)
A. Jefferson curls x2 x5 slow and controlled
B. EMOM x6
1 – Strict false grip ring pull ups x 3-5 reps hold 3 seconds at chest
2 – Crab slider walk x10m **head first, straight body, arms locked out
C. EMOM x6 minutes
1 – Ring rows x15 reps
2 – Reverse Hypers off GHD x 10-15 reps
D. Half kneeling Strict DB press x12 reps per arm x 2 sets

*Use A&B as technique primers for Part C.
A. Tall Snatch x3x3
B. Muscle Snatch x3x3
C. Snatch with no foot movement + Snatch + Overhead Squat – 70% x 1+1+1 x 2 sets, 75% x 1+1+1 x 3 sets
E. Back Squat; (80%x1; 85%x1; 90%x1) x 3 waves

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
Box Jumps @40/30″ (step or climb down)

Rest 30 seconds after each set; Focus is on smooth rhythm on the CTBs. If you can’t go unbroken at these numbers, start with your biggest unbroken set, and work down from there.