July 11th, 2018

Skill Work
Tight Kip Swing on Bar x 10 x 2 (hold something between the feet)
Kick-up to Freestanding HS Hold x 30-60 seconds of holding accumulated
Double/Triple Under Practice x 5 minutes

A. Power Clean + Push Jerk; 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x3x3
B. Push Jerk + Split Jerk; 70%x2x2; 75%x2x2
C. Snatch Grip RDL x6x4
D. Bench Press; 65%x8x5 — go for max reps on last set (leaving 2-3 reps in the tank)

3 rounds as heavy as possible:
200ft Sandbag Carry
200ft Farmer’s Carry
**both must be unbroken

Optional PM Work
10 minute Assault bike warmup
12 Second All Out Sprint
Rest 2 minutes
x 10
10 minute assault bike cooldown



  1. Skill work done. Minute accumulated. Did some Triple Unders.

    A. 125/145/170
    B. 170/185
    C. 185 across
    D. 145 (did 12 on final set)

    Ran out of time to do Carry work cause I was screwing around and moving slow.

    Will do Biking piece tonight.



  2. Skillwork

    A: 85/100/125
    B: 110/120
    C: 85
    D: no clue what my 1RM is so I did the sets at 85#. 14 reps on last set

    Didn’t do this because of my back
    Did the bike workout instead



  3. Skill work
    A. Done with 10# medball
    B. Done in 3 sets. Tried to stay on one 6×4 mat
    C. Tried to do a few triple unders

    A. 135/155/185
    B. 185/200
    C. 185/205×2/215 used straps don’t know if that’s frowned upon
    D. 185. Final set got 9

    Done. Clock got reset on me. I used 100# sandbag and 70# DBs

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  4. Skill Work
    A. Kip swings with whiteboard eraser between feet – basically the same weight as a medball
    B. HS Holds: accumulated 1:00 over the course of 8 or so attempts. Tried my best to stay in one place, but wasn’t super successful.
    C. Worked on triple unders, but it wasn’t great this AM. Mostly just whipped myself with the rope.

    A. 105/125/140
    B. 140/150
    C. 125
    D. 120 – Got 12 on my last set

    70# KBs
    Maybe should have pushed it a little more.

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