June 23rd, 2018

Activation Work
Single Arm Bottom’s Up Overhead KB Carry x 100ft/side x 2
Prone I.Y.T’s x 5/side x 2
Powell raise x 10/side x 2

A. Power Clean + Push Jerk; build to a tough single in 12-15 minutes (no more than 2 misses)
B. Single Arm Half-Kneeling Press x 8/side x 3 sets @21X1
C1. Trap-3 Raise x 10/side x 3 sets @3010
C2. Single Leg Hip Thruster x 8/side x 3 sets @2011
D1. Single Arm Farmer’s Walk x 75ft/side x 3 sets
D2. Sandbag Carry x 150ft x 3 sets



  1. Did event 4 today.
    I got 6:22. Came out hot and the round of 12 punched me in the face. I’m happy with the effort because burpees are my nemesis! Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout!

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