June 12th, 2018

A. Hang Power Snatch; 60%x5; 70%x5; 80%x3x2; 85%x2x2
B. Deadlift; 60%x5; 65%x5; 70%x5x4
C. Incline Bench Press x 6×4
D. OH Yoke Walk x 50ft x 3

Run 400 Meters @3k pace
Rest 60 seconds
x 8 rounds

Assistance Work
Rear Delt Flies x 20 x 2
Hammer Curls x 20 x 2
KB Windmills x 7/side x 2



  1. No HPS, OH Yoke Walk, or DL because of my stupidity yesterday, my back is very tired.

    Did bench at 135 across.

    Runs around 4:26 per 1k, 1:49-1:50 per run.

    Flies 10# a hand
    Hammers 25# a hand
    35# KB

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  2. A. 85/100/115/125 (Got u-g-l-y after 70%)
    B. 225/235/255
    C. 135/155/160/165

    Done. (Didn’t have anything at the track to write down my times.)

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  3. Barbell
    A: 70/85/95/100
    B: 165/180/190
    C: 85
    D: held yoke instead of walking

    23:57 of actual running, not including 60s rests. Faster than my 3k time, granted I had 60s rests. Didn’t keep track of time for each round.


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  4. A. 115/135/155/165
    B. 245/265/285
    C. DBs 50s across
    D. No walk today for time purposes

    Did ski erg. Held 1:55 pace for all

    Assistant work
    Done. Did these after coaching

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  5. Barbell
    A. 95, 115, 135, 145
    B. 245, 265, 275
    C. 135×2, 155, 175
    D. Empty yoke, right knee is feeling old
    Cardio: 2-2:05. Kept the speed 10-12
    Ass gainz
    Orange kB( don’t know the kg)

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  6. A. 83/103/113/123 – not really sure if my sets at 123 were officially powers 🤷‍♀️
    B. 193/213/223 touch and go, since I need to work on it
    C. 103 – felt super weak on these
    D. Skipped yoke because the class needed it. I’ll come back for the yoke and accessory work

    Ranged from 2:25 to 2:29
    I tried to stay around 5:50-6:00 per 1k but felt like my pace jumped around a little.



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