June 12th, 2018

Optional AM Session
3 minute AB @80%
2 minute rest walk
x 4 rounds
90 second AB @85%
60 second rest walk
x 4 rounds

**consistency is #1 priority here

Main Session
**warmup with
Dual KB Jefferson Curl x3-4 reps x 3 sets @5351 tempo
Side lying DB External Rotations. x 10/side x 2
DB high pull x 10/side x 2
Powell raise x 10/side x 2
Side lying banded clam shells x 20/side

A.OTM x 8 minutes (4 sets of each):
Odds: Strict Ring Muscle Ups x 2-4 reps
OR Strict Ring Dips @2121 tempo x 4.2.2
Evens: Pistols off Box x 3-4 reps each side (sit in the bottom for a second on each one)
B. OTM x 6 (3 sets of each):
Odds: 10 V-Ups + 15 Second Hollow Hold + 10 Tuck Ups + 15 Second Tuck Hold
Evens: Weighted PVC Pass Throughs x 5-7 reps

A. Clean & Jerk; 60%x3+1, 65%x3+1, 70%x2+1, 75%x2+1, 80%x2+1×3 **can go up on last sets if feeling good, but don’t take it to a max
B. Clean Pull; 100%x3x2; 105%x2x2 (% based off Clean)
C. Front Squat; 70%x2, 75%x2, 80%x2, 85%x2x3

3 Rounds for time of:
21/18 Calorie Row
15 Clapping Push-ups
3 Rope Climbs



  1. Gymnastics: Done (Struggled getting ring dips w/in :60 and couldn’t do holds with v-ups/tuck-ups)

    A. 125/135/145/155/165/175/185X (Only got the first Clean @ 185)
    B. 205/215
    C. 175/195/205/215

    7:53 (400m Run, No Claps, 1 Strict Pull-up + 1 Strict T2B X 3 for Rope Climbs)

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  2. Optional A.M.:
    44 cals per ride, 63-64 rpm. 176 cals total.
    25-26 cals per ride, 67-69 rpm. 103 total

    4 and 4 per side
    Done (broke once on last set) and 5# on pvc


    Clean pulls turned to deadlifts and then a PR at 407. (42# PR)

    FS: no shoes. 185/205/225x2x3


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  3. Gymnastics
    4 and 4ea
    Done but really have a rough time doing the tuck hold, I broke many times. 5# for PVC

    A. 160/175/185/205/215/235/240
    B. 270/280
    C. 205/215/235/245

    Then did the AM conditioning piece. It looked fun and it’s honestly what I need to work on
    41 cals each; 164 cals 61-63
    22 cals ea; 91 cals 64-66

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  4. Gymnastics
    A. 2 MU / 4 Pistols
    B. Done – I really struggle with V ups

    A. 123/133/143/153/158 – felt super heavy
    B. 198 / 208
    C. 143/153/163/178

    Subbed kipping ring dips for clapping push ups

    Didn’t have much time, but did 3 sets of the first part (3 min at 80% / 2 min rest) before I had to leave. 37 calories on all 3 sets.

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