June 5th, 2018

Optional AM Session
3 minute AB @80%
2 minute rest walk
x 5 rounds

**same pace for all intervals is the goal

Main Session
**warmup with
Dual KB Jefferson Curl x3x3 @5351 tempo
Side lying DB External Rotations x 10/side x 2
DB Upright Row x 10/side x 2
Powell Raise x 10/side x 2
Side lying banded clam shells x 20/side

A.OTM x 8 minutes (4 sets of each):
Odds: Strict Ring Muscle Ups x 2-3 reps w/3-second hold in support on each rep
OR Strict Ring Dips @2121 tempo x 3.2.1
Evens: Pistols off Box x 3-4 reps each side (sit in the bottom for a second on each one)
B. OTM x 6 (3 sets of each):
Odds: 10 V-Ups + 10 Second Hollow Hold + 10 Tuck Ups + 10 Second Tuck Hold
Evens: Weighted PVC Pass Throughs x 5-7 reps

A. Clean & Jerk; 60%x3+1; 65%x3+1; 70%x2+1; 75%x2+1×4 **can go up on last sets if feeling good, but don’t take it to a max
B. Clean Pull; 90%x3x2; 100%x3x2 (% based off Clean)
C. Front Squat; 60%x3; 70%; 80%x3x4

Three rounds for time of:
7 DB Hang Squat Snatches Left Arm @50/35 lb
5 Bar Muscle Ups
7 DB Hang Squat Snatches Right Arm
5 Bar Muscle Ups



  1. Gymnastics
    A. 3 SMU / 4 Pistols ea
    B. Done and 7 pass through with 2.5

    A. 155/175/185/205/215/225/235×2
    B. 240/265
    C. 185/205/235

    6:34. I’m sure if I had a judge I would get no repped a time or two for depth. Would really like to get better at these and SA OHS to where it wasn’t a question that I was below parallel

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  2. Gymnastics

    A: 90/95/105/115 – did extra work; did jerks after every clean then an extra jerk at the end 😂
    B: 160/175
    C: 125/145/165

    Used 30# DB
    Pull ups instead of bar muscle ups. Don’t know why I can’t do them recently.

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  3. Gymnastics
    Did 1.1.1 for the ring dips

    A. 120/130/140/150
    B. 180/200
    C. 125/145/165

    Did c2b instead of bmu and they didn’t go so well

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  4. Gymnastics: Done (A video of me trying to do v-ups would go viral for sure.)
    A. 125/135/145/155/165/170/170
    B. 185/205
    C. 155/175/205

    Ran out of time for Conditioning.

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  5. Gymnastics done: 3&4/side
    Done and 5#

    Barbell: 155/165/175/185
    Clean pulls: 245/265

    Metcon: 6:57
    Same as derek. The gym I’m at has wicket slippery bars which was scary af to hold on to. Did it all UB and survived.

    No FS to save knee

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  6. Gymnastics: done 2 & 4/side
    Barbell: 155/165/185/190×2/205×2
    Clean pulls 230/255
    Cardio: 7:10 the snatches felt great, my bar mu’s not soo great. Couldn’t sting them together and chicken winged majority of all of them

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  7. Gymnastics
    A) 2 muscle ups; right sided pistol off a 45# plate
    B) done and 2.5#

    Optional Assault Bike
    33 cals x 5 rounds

    7:27 modified – 25# DB hang muscle snatch, 5 strict chest to bar + 5 strict ring dips

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  8. Gymnastics
    A. 2 strict ring MU and 4 pistols
    B. Skipped–I did the gymnastics last and ran out of time

    A. 118/128/138/148 – Didn’t go up. Feeling a little off this week.
    B 178/198
    C. 123/143/173 – Loaded the bar wrong. Was supposed to be 163.

    Went 5 – 5 – 5 – 4/1 – 3/2 – 3/2 on the BMU and UB on snatches. This was really tough for me. My BMU got a little crazy. The first one of every set was really weird, like I couldn’t remember how to kip and I was dragging myself up and over the bar. Once I was up there, I could drop down into the kip and it felt okay. Also, the DB snatch were TOUGH.

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