April 11th, 2018

A. Behind the Neck Push Jerk + Behind the Neck Split Jerk + Push Jerk (from the front) + Split Jerk (from the front); 50%; 60%; 70%x2 sets; 75%x2 sets
B. Clean Pull from Blocks w/hold in extension; 60%x3; 70%x3; 80%x3; 90%x3x2
C1. Single Leg DB RDL x 8/side x 4 sets @4011 (hold two DBs here)
C2. Seated Single Arm Press x 10/side x 4 (hold a heavy KB in the front rack on the other side)
D1. Banded Clam Shells x 20/side x 2 sets
D2. Tricep Extensions (DB behind head, two hands palms facing up) x 15-20 x 2
D3. Single Arm Trap 3 Raise x 10-12/side x 2

8 Second Assault Bike Sprint
Top of Every 2 minutes
x 10
–stay on bike with easy spin between



  1. A. 100/120/140/150
    B. 125/140/160/180
    C1. 35
    C2. 35# with 44# kb
    D1. Done with green perform better band
    D2. 35# x20 reps
    D3. 5# x12 reps

    4-5 cals each round

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  2. A. 103/123/133/143
    B. 118/138/158/178
    C1. 45#
    C2. 35#
    D1. Done
    D2. 20#
    D3. 5#

    4 Cals/round
    135 total – last 3 rounds, switched to OTM because I had to leave

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