April 8th, 2018

A. Nose to Wall Handstand Hold x 30 seconds x 3 (feet together, toes pointed)
B1. Strict TTB x5 reps x 3 sets with slow and controlled descent
B2. Reverse Hyper off GHD x 10-12 x 3 sets
C. L-Sit x 10 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8-10 sets

A. Overhead Squat @22X1; x3x3 –based off feel
B1. Back-Racked Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge x 6-8/leg @3010 x 3 sets (stand on 45″ plate)
B2. Seated Hand Over Hand Sled Pull x 75ft x 3

12 minutes @grinder pace:
7/5 Strict HSPUs
75ft Single Arm Overhead KB Walk (each arm) @32/24kg
7 Inverted Bar Rows
75ft Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (each arm) @32/24kg

Finish with Crossover Symmetry recovery protocol



  1. Gymnastics
    Done (8 sets on L sits)

    A. 135 across
    B1. 95 for two sets then stopped because my butt was cramping
    B2. Did some yesterday when the gym was empty


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