January 12th, 2017

Activation/ROM work
KB Windmill x 10/side
Bottom’s Up KB Press x 6-8/side x 2
Prone IYT’s x 10×2
Pigeon Pose Belly Breathing x 30 seconds/side

Gymnastics (adapted from CFM)
A. Kipping pull up/CTB pull up work x 5-7 minutes
B. Russian Dips x 3-5 reps x 3 sets
C1. Plank hold on rings making small circles x:20-:30 seconds x 3 sets
C2. Arch rocks x10-12 reps x 3 sets
C3. Side lying DB external rotations x 10 per arm x 3 sets

A. 5 CTB + 4 TTB + 3 Pull-ups + 2 BMU x 4 sets
B & C – Same as L1

A. Snatch; 73%x1x5 OTM; 77%x1x5 OTM; 81%x1x5 OTM — continuously running 15 minutes here
B. Clean High Pull + High Hang Clean; 50%x1+1; 60%x1+1; 70%x1+1
C. Clean; 80%x2; 85%x2; 90%x1
D. Back Squat; 85%x2x3

3 rounds of:
7 Muscle Ups (or 7 Burpee CTB Pull-ups)
21 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)

4 rounds of:
7 Burpees to 6″
21 Double Unders

1 minute max cal assault bike



    A. Pull up and CTB butterfly practice
    B. Tried but couldn’t figure out Russian Dips…
    C1-C3 done

    A. 85/90/95 (no miss Friday!)
    B. 85/105/120
    C. 135/145/155
    D. 190

    5:00 / 3:16 / 21 cals

    Yays: No miss on any barbells workouts and also unbroken wall balls + DU.
    Nays: no nays today. Happy that I’m starting to learn how to push through it even when solo.

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  2. A. Level 1
    B. Regular dips
    C. Done

    Snatch: 105/115/125(Power, Miss, Get, Miss, Get #fml)
    Clean + HPC: 100/135/145
    Power Clean: 165/170/185(x)

    Squat: 255

    Burpee Pullups and Barbell Thrusters: 6:02
    Burpee + DU: 2:58 (or maybe 3:58?)

    Skipped the bike.



  3. Barbell
    A. 150/158/166
    B. 125/150/175
    C. 200/212/225
    Only had time for one piece so I did the first one: 4:23. Everything unbroken except the third round of MU which went 4/3

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  4. Activation/ROM work: done

    Gymnastics L1:
    A. done
    B. Forgotten about the russian dip. These are great. Wish they translated into MUs on the rings…
    C1-2-3. done

    A. 88/93/98
    B. 83/98/113
    C. 128/133/140 – did squat cleans up to 133 and felt ok. Switched to power at 140. %s just a little bit below 85 and 90
    D. Did 75% at 180. 2nd one in set always feels better.

    0:00-10:00: 7:03 with 7 burpee/C2B option
    10:00-20:00: 4:01
    20:00-21:00: 16 cals…legs felt totally done at end.

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