January 10th, 2018

A. Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; build to a heavy single here
B. Clean Pull from Blocks + Power Clean; 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x2; 80%x2x3
C1. Strict Press from Split Position x 6-8 x 3
C2. Rear Delt Flies x 8-10 x 3
C3. Single Leg Hip Bridge x 8-10/side x 3

Heavy Farmer’s Walk x 100ft x 3
Zercher Yoke Walk x 100ft x 3

60 Second Row @90%
60 Second Row @easy
60 Second Row @95%
60 Second Row @easy
Rest walk 60 seconds
x 5 rounds



  1. Hey, adam, for part B., this might be a stupid question, but both the clean pull and power clean are from the blocks, correct? Also, if it’s a set of two, is it pull+clean, pull+clean, or two pulls + two cleans? Thanks!

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  2. A. 140… tried widening my grip and still getting used to it…
    B. 100/120/135/155
    C1. 55/65/75 sets of 8
    C2. 10# sets of 8
    C3. Sets of 8

    100# FC
    195/215/235 Zercher

    90%= 1:50
    95%= 1:44
    My fourth round kind of slowed down to 1:55 and 1:50 ish, but I was able to pick it back up for the last round.

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  3. A. 170 (Pressed out af. Three red lights.) I need to take some time to drill these movements at light weights.
    B. 115/135/155/165
    C1. 65/95/115(6)
    C2. 10# sets of 10
    C3. Sets of 10

    24/16 then switched hands at 50 feet.
    2 45# Plate front carry

    Intervals one on the indoor bike.



  4. A. worked up to 135#
    B. 85/105/120/135
    C1. 75

    total meters of each round
    875m /868 /900 /915 /915

    yays: was lucky to get great tip from Josh C during rowing (keep head neutral) that made a difference in the last three rounds. Thanks Josh C!
    nays: need to focus on keeping core tight to stabilize stuff overhead.

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  5. A. 155#
    B. 105/125/145/160#
    C1. 65# / 75#x2 – 8 Reps
    C2. 10# – 10 Reps
    C3. 10/side

    Farmer’s Walk = a 25 and a 10 on each end…?
    Zercher Yoke Walk – the yoke – didn’t add weight. I had it set too high. When I moved it down on the last round it made a huge difference. I’ll try to go up in weight next time.

    Conditioning – Done

    I feel like I approached the row all wrong. I didn’t warm up very well, and it felt so hard that I thought the rower was broken… only really hit my target paces on the last two rounds. My overall meters went down, but it’s because I really slowed down on the “easy” pieces.



  6. Barbell
    A. Built to 145. Feel like I could have fought to get 150 up, but didn’t want to further upset my left arm/shoulder
    B. 83/98/113/128. 80% felt heavier than I would have liked, but it went pretty well
    C1. 53/63/73
    C2. 5#
    C3. done on wall ball to make hammies work a bit more.

    70# KB for farmers walk and did 100 sandball bag instead of yoke

    Got better at the pacing as I moved through the rounds. Probably could have made the easy minutes not quite so easy.

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