July 17th, 2017

Activation Work
Quadruped IYT’s x 10 each movement x 2
Single Leg Hip Thrust x 10/side x 2
Banded Lateral Walk x 10/side

Gymnastics work
A. Strict Muscle Ups- Max Reps in 3 minutes
B1. Hollow Rocks- Max Reps in 60 seconds
B2. Arch Rocks – Max Reps in 60 seconds

A. Snatch Pull from Blocks + Snatch from Blocks; Heavy single
B1. Back Squat @40X1; 90%x1 reps; rest 10 seconds, into..
B2. Back Squat @30X1; 80%x2 reps; rest 10 seconds, into…
B3. Back Squat @20X0; 70% x max reps (-1); Rest 3 minutes
x 3 sets of B1-B3

20/15 Cal Row
20/15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls (30/20 lb)
Rest 3 minutes



  1. A. 15 (2 every :20 for 5 sets. Then 5 singles)
    B. 35
    C. 45

    Barbell: 175
    BS weights: 290-265-225 for 10-8-8

    Did 10 feet elevated ring rows: all rounds were like 2:15-2:30
    UB on wB. Went about :50 on second and third row

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  2. Gymnastics:
    A. 13 8-2-2-1
    B skipped
    A. 165. Failed 175 twice
    B. 275-245-215 (83%-74%-65%) 8-6-4. Couldn’t squat 90% at 40×1

    Arms gave out after the first round and couldn’t get more than 3 ctb at a time after that.

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  3. Activation Work: Done

    Gymnastics work
    A. Got really close to 1 – I’ll keep trying these at least once or twice a week, I think the weighted ring things are helping
    B1. 37 (went for the whole minute)
    B2. 49, had to take a quick break on these

    A. reached 98 today, not my best weight by far, but i felt a lot speedier under the bar, I feel less strong with this than I did last year, but I do feel that my form is miles better.
    B1. 188
    B2. 168
    B3. 148
    This felt so much better than last week


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