July 13th, 2017

Activation/ROM work
KB Windmill x 10/side
Bottom’s Up KB Press x 6-8/side x 2
Prone IYT’s x 10×2
Pigeon Pose Belly Breathing x 30 seconds/side

Gymnastics Pre-Work (optional)
A1. Box Turnover Drill x 5 x 2
A2. Kip Swing on Bar x 10 x 2
B. 3 Kip Swings + 2 Muscle Up Transitions w/3-second hold in catch+ 3 Kipping Dips + 5 Second Hold in Support x 4 sets (hold something between the feet on these)
C1. Single leg v-ups x10 reps per foot x 2 sets **use two hands
C2. Alternating limb arch ups x10 reps per side x 2 sets

A. Slow Snatch Lift Off (to knee) + Power Snatch + Hang Snatch; OT2Minutes x 8 sets; build off last week
B. Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Push Press; OT2minutes x 8; build to today’s heavy
C1. Front foot elevated split squat x 6/leg @3011 x 3 sets
C2. Barbell Bent Over Row x 8 reps x 3

minute 0-10:00
3 rounds for time
3 Rope climbs w/ leg’s
3 Clean & Jerk @225/155** should be 80% or less

minute 10:00 -20:00
3 rounds for time
6 Bar MU
6 OHSQ @ 185/105

minute 20:00 -30:00
60 Toes to Bar for time



  1. Shoulder was really hurting, didn’t think I’d be able to do much. Ended up warming it up well enough and had a great session.

    Gymnastics was jakes work:
    Strict MU-2 kipping MU- 3 strict dip- 4 kipping- slow negative x5

    Snatch work: 165
    Clean to push press work: 185 (bugged the shoulder a bit)
    45# DB for single leg squats per hand
    95# on rows

    4:02 at 195
    4:53 at 165 all UB
    2:42 15-10-10-5-5-8-4-2-1

    Good day with Ernie in town!

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  2. Barbell:
    A. 160
    B. 185
    C1. 45#
    C2. 135

    6? Not sure
    ~7:00 @ 175
    5:30 @ 135
    Rope climbs and MU were fine. Barbell was hard. Toes to bar were also suck.

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  3. Activation: done
    Gymnastics: done

    A. Snatch: 185
    B. Did this on Fri and only worked to 185 for w/u bc I hopped in with a class
    C1/2. Skipped due to time

    1. 8:35 (rd 1@225, rds 2/3 @205)
    2. Called it quits on 3 rd due to wrist pain (rd 1@185, rds 2/3@155, then wrist flared up)
    3. 3:32 (15/10/10/10/8/7)



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