July 5th, 2017

Activation/ROM work
A1. Prone Weighted PVC Pass Throughs x 6-8 reps x 2 sets
A2. Bottom of Pistol Hold off Box x 20/30 seconds/side x 2 sets
B1. Butterfly Kip Swings x 10 reps x 2 sets (slight break in the elbows on each rep)
B2. Goblet Kossack Squats x 10 each leg x 2

A. HS Walk; Max distance in 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds x 4 sets

A. Bottoms Up Front Squat; build to a tough single
B. OH yoke walk; find a 50-ft max

2 rounds for time
100 double unders
100 ft bear crawl sled drag @3/2 plates

Rest 3 minutes

3 rounds for time
20/15 CTB
100ft SB Carry @150/100

Rest 3 minutes

4 rounds for time
9 Box Jump Overs @30/24
12/9 Strict HSPUs
15 Toes to Bar



  1. Another excellent day of training with some awesome people.

    A. 265 (sloppy)
    B. 280 (missed 275&295)
    2:56 UB
    3:43 (20/20/10-5-5)
    9:08 SHSPU: 4-4-4/4-4-4/4-3-3-2/4-3-3-2
    T2B: 10-5/10-5/5-5-5/15

    Happy the SHSPU went well, but unhappy with my trap locking up



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