July 4th, 2017

Activation Work
Turkish Get Ups x 10 reps total (alternating arms, heavier than last week)

A. Power Clean w/Pause at knee and Pause in catch + Push Jerk; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x2; 75%x2x2
B. Pause Jerk + Split Jerk; 70%x1+2; 80%x1+1 x 3 sets
C. Sumo Deadlift; build to a tough triple w/reset on each rep

Seated Good Morning x10x3
Rear Delt Flies x 10-12 x 3

Option A (endurance-based people who need short-end power)
3-5 minute easy run warmup
30 Meter Hill Sprint
Rest walk 2 minutes (or until fully recovered)
x 6-8 sets*
3-5 minute easy run cooldown

*If your times/efforts drop off, cut it off and cooldown

Option B (for stronger folks who need endurance, or just want a longer sweat)
3 minute run @70-75%
45 second rest
x 5 sets

*Run 3 minutes out, then rest at the point for 45 seconds, then run back at the same pace without looking at your watch. Goal is to get the same distance in the same 3-minute period.



  1. TGU done at 44# KB

    A: 115/135/165/175
    B. 185/205×3
    C. 305 (still new to a sumo DL and my hamstring has been bothering me from Cossack squats)

    Ass work:
    GM: 95# (feel like I do these wrong)
    Flies: 5# each hand

    Hill sprints:
    6 sets



  2. TGU: 53

    A: 145, 175, 200, 215
    B: 235
    C: 405
    D: 85 big focus on bracing core and feeling the movement instead of just doing the motion.
    D1: 20# on flyes

    6 sets of sprints



  3. Finally back after a thousand days of traveling in a row wahoo. Did this on Thursday.

    Did sprints first so I could run, did all 8.

    Clean and jerk: 83, 103, 113, 123
    Jerk complex: 113, 125 X 3
    Sumo deadlift: 235×3

    Assistance work done!

    Glad to get back into it after a little break

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