July 3rd, 2017

Activation Work
Quadruped IYT’s x 10 each movement x 2
Single Leg Hip Thrust x 10/side x 2
Banded Lateral Walk x 10/side

Gymnastics work (adapted from/courtesy of CFM)
A1. Jefferson Curl x 3 x 2 (slow w/pause at bottom)
A2. Seal Pose x 30 seconds x 2
B. Strict Muscle Ups; 3.2.1 x 2 sets (rest as little as possible between clusters; rest as needed between sets)
**if you don’t have these, do weighted Ring thing MUs x5x4
C. Pronated Grip Chin-Over-Bar Hold – accumulate 1 minute
D1. Hollow Rocks x 20 x 2
D2. Arch Rocks x 20 x 2

A. Snatch Pull from Blocks + Snatch from Blocks; 50%x1+1;60%x1+1;70%x1+1×3; 75%x1+1×3
B1. Back Squat @40X1; 80%x1-2 reps; rest 10 seconds, into..
B2. Back Squat @30X1; 70%x2-3 reps; rest 10 seconds, into…
B3. Back Squat @20X0; 60% x max reps (-1); Rest 3 minutes
x 3 sets of B1-B3

5-10 Bar Muscle Ups
20 C&J @95/65
30/20 Calorie Assault Bike
Rest 2x work time
x 3 sets



  1. This workout was fucked up and it hurt so bad. Also was so great.

    Activation done.
    Gymnastics done.
    C. 30-20-10 seconds


    This was wild.

    3:54-3:56-3:59 thought I’d puke so bad. Having hard time typing.

    Went UB on BMU x10x3
    Cj: 10-6-4/10-6-4/14-6
    Cals: mostly 350-419 but last round was 306-409

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  2. Gymnastics done – 30/30 hold.
    Barbell: 110-165
    315. 275. 235. – 9/11/12. This was fucked.

    4:30/4:17/4:10. – these were TOUGH. Legs were shot going into this. Glad to have done this with the boys.

    Gotta get my food + hydration act together. Came into this without proper intake and GOT SERVED. Really feeling this as the weather gets warmer. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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    1. Gymnastics: 2.1 on strict muscle. Slowly improving. Happy with the progress!


      A) 170, 185
      *weak from this position but today 185 was feeling solid.

      B) Damn, 345-305-265 (10,11,10)


      UB on first and second set of MU. 8,7,5 on first two sets of clean and jerks. Unbroken clean and jerks on last set. Working on this bitch ass grip I’ve got.

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  3. Damn good day in the DEN!
    Activation: done
    Gymnastics: done
    C1. 30-20-10 seconds

    Snatch off Blocks: 105-125-145-155
    BS: 270-235-200 (7/10/8)

    3:34/3:30/4:01 (Committed to going UB on C/J which wrecked me on the bike – but was glad to push through)
    6/4 BarMU on all Rounds

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