June 19th, 2017

Activation Work
Half-Kneeling Banded Face Pulls x 8/side x 2
Single Leg KB Deadlift x 6/side x 2
Banded Lateral Walk x 10/side x 2

Gymnastics work
1 – True Back Extension on GHD x 4-5 reps w/3 second hold at top
2 – Seal Walk x 30-50 ft
EMOM x6 minutes
1 –Single arm hangs from pull up bar **keep shoulders square, no swinging x5 seconds per arm x 2
2 – Banded Push-ups x 7-10 reps

A. Snatch Balance; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x1; 80%x1; 90%x1; 100%x1 (% based off Snatch)
B. Snatch from blocks (at knee); 60%x1; 70%x1; 80%x1x5 singles
C. Front Squat; Heavy Triple

2017 Granite Games Qualifier Workout 2
6 minute AMRAP
6 deadlifts (225/155lbs)
6 bar facing burpees

Optional AM Running Workout
5 minute warmup jog
500 Meters @moderate-to-fast*
500 Meters easy
400 Meters @moderate-to-fast
400 Meters easy
300 Meters @moderate-to-fast
300 Meters easy
Rest walk 3 minutes
x 2 sets
5 minute cooldown

*pace these out by feel, but look to go a little faster from the 500 to the 400 to the 300, then repeat those times for the second round



  1. Gymnastics: done
    A. 95-190
    B. 115-155
    C. 235 – these felt super tough today
    8 rounds – those deadlifts got spicy



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