June 14th, 2017

Activation/ROM work
Single Arm Upright Row x 10/side x2
Circular Scap Pull-ups x 10×2
Bottom of Pistol Hold off Box x 20/30 seconds/side x 2

A. Every 90 seconds x 3 sets:
1 — HS Walk x 30-50ft
2 — Prone weighted PVC pass throughs lying on bench x7-8 reps slow and controlled
B. Every 90 seconds x 3 sets:
1 — Prone Plank on Rings (make small circles with the hands) x 30-40 seconds
2 — Sumo Stance Good Mornings x 6-8 reps @36X1 (very light weight here)
C. Hollow Hold (arms at sides); Max hold; rest 15 seconds x 2

A. Back Squat @33X1; 70%x2-3 reps x 4 sets
B. Tall Clean x3x4

EMOM x 6:
20 DUs + 1 Legless Rope Climb
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM x 8:
Odds: 8-12 Strict HSPUs
Evens: 15/12 Cal Row
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM x 8:
Odds: 15 GHD Sit-Ups
Evens: 15/12 Cal Bike



  1. Gym:
    A. Done
    B. Done with plank on hands
    C. Done- 1:18/:28

    BS 235
    Tall cleans at 95

    20 DU and 5 L-Sit pull ups


    12 cal bike
    12-10-10-10 SHSPU
    (Last set of 10 went over the minute)

    Then swam around

    Also juggled the soccer ball a ton to warm up which was fun and super sweaty. Great day of training as yesterday I called it during the session I was so locked up.



  2. W/U: Done

    Gym: Done – another decent day with the HSW!
    Barbell: 270/95-155

    A: felt good
    B: tough
    C. v tough

    SHSPU were definitely a challenge. Did 8/round.
    Legs blew up on the bike+GHD.

    Tough day, glad to get after it with JCann and Nate for the first part!!

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  3. W/U: done
    Gymnastics: done (HSW was weak today)

    BS: 250#
    TC: 95-155
    A. Legless felt good today!
    B. 10 HSPU/rd
    C. Quads on fiya🔥

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