June 13th, 2017

A. Behind the Neck Push Jerk + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; 60%x1+1+1; 70%x1+1+1; 75%x1+1+1; 75-80%x1+1+1 x 2 sets
B. Push Press x 3 x 3 @75-80% of last week’s heavy complex w/3-second hold overhead on each rep
C. Segmented Clean Deadlift (pause for 2-seconds @ 2″ off the ground, top of knee, mid-thigh); 80%x3; 90%x3; 100%x2; 105%x2x2 (use straps and lower back to the ground slowly; % is based off Clean)

Assistance work
Half Kneeling DB Press x 8 arm x 2 @41X1
Band Pull-Throughs x 30 x 2 @1010
Trap-3 Raise x 10 reps/side x 2 @2020

3 minute row @ 3-4 seconds slower per 500m than your 2k pace
minute 1 stroke rate @ 20
minute 2 stroke rate @ 24
minute 3 stroke rate @ 26
rest/walk for 1 minute
x3-4 rounds



  1. A. 155-205
    B. 185
    C. 220-275

    Swole work: done
    Row: 1:48-1:51 average (this was more challenging than I expected!)



  2. A. 103/123/133/140. Coming from the back was more challenging without using a wider grip, which I couldnt do and then bring it down in front. So something to work on.
    B. 123. This felt fine.
    C. 128/143/160/173 – 105% was challenging on the back, but not the worst.

    Assistance work: done

    This was challenging to look at all the numbers and make sure I was going the right pace, but a good exercise in pull strength vs speed. Pace was generally around 2:14 to keep the stroke rate at the assigned pace, which I feel like is a bit slow for my 2K. So something to work on.

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