June 7th, 2017

Activation Work:
Single Arm Upright Row x 10/side x 2
Bottom’s Up KB Press x 10/side x 2
KB Windmill x 10/side
Circular Scap Pull-ups x 10×2

Gymnastic (from CFM)
A. HS Walk Practice; 30ft lengths x 4-5
B1. Prone weighted PVC pass throughs lying on bench x5 reps slow and controlled x 3 sets **heavier than last week
B2. Bridge Heel Slides x 5-7 reps x 3 sets **keep hips up thought the entire movement
C. Hollow Rocks; max reps in 90 seconds

A. Bottom’s Up Back Squat; 65%x5x3
B. Hang Power Clean; 70%x2x4 w/pause in catch
C. OH Yoke Walk x 100ft x 2

3 sets:
200 Meter Run @90%
18 Toes to Bar
21 Ring Push-ups
Rest 2 minutes between sets



  1. Gymnastics: Done – HSW felt great! was able to do these UB (few mulligans though)!
    A. 250
    C. 10s then 2 sets of 10s.


    1:50/2:15/2:16 – came out hot, push ups caught up to me. All TTB UB. Good to work on staying calm transitioning to the bar while breathing a little heavy.

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  2. A. 5 sets
    B. 7.5#x1, 10#x2
    5 slides
    C: Lost count around 40

    A. 215#
    B. 185#
    C. 2-10s / 4-10s (very weak on the Yolk but made a big improvement from the first go around)

    1:48 UB / UB
    1:51 UB / 12-6-3
    2:36 12-6 / 10-3-2-2 then singles



  3. Activation Work: done
    A. I practiced HS walking for about 7 minutes.
    B. with 10# & done
    C. 48

    A. Done at 153. Really hurt my back getting out of the hole. Thank you to Cooper for helping with technique
    B. Done at 113. Felt pretty good
    C. Done with just the yoke. Not my favorite thing, but I got it done.

    Around 3:30 a round. These are not my fastest things.

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