May 31st, 2017

Gymnastics (from CFM)
A1. Lateral HS walk against wall x5-10m in each direction x3 sets
A2. Prone weighted PVC pass throughs lying on bench x5 reps slow and controlled x 3 sets
B1. Maltese ring push ups x3-5 reps @33×1 tempo x 3 sets
B2. Bridge heel slides x5-7 reps x 3 sets **keep hips up thought the entire movement
C. Hollow rocks (arms by hips) max reps in 60 seconds

A. Bottom’s Up Back Squat; 70%x2x5
B. Tall Clean x4x4

150 Meter Ski Erg
150ft Sandbag Carry (hug at chest)
3-6 Ring Muscle Ups (focus on tight body and breathing)
Rest 60 seconds
x 5 sets



  1. A. Done and with 5#
    B. Done 5 & 5-7
    C. 32

    Bottoms up: 225
    Tall cleans: 45-65-95×2

    Metcon: 4 MU (too sore from Murph)
    *missed ring and had to wait a bit.
    Strap came down on first set of MU so it was interesting taking that to the face every rep.

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  2. Gymnastics: done

    Bottoms up squat: 300

    Tall clean: 65, 95, 115

    1:34 (3 MU)
    All the other sets were 4mu



  3. Mixed it up a bit due to being on vacay and at a new space.

    Was fortunately able to rope a few people into doing the 45 min Z1 piece as a w/u…they was like😮
    -No free wall space so did 25′ HS walks instead
    -GH Raises for Bridge Heel slides
    -Loved the Maltese Ring Push-ups – felt a lot easier this time

    Bottoms-Up: 225#
    Skipped Tall Cleans and did Power Snatches with one of the coaches:

    60 DU (no ski erg)
    Used a 95# Atlas Stone (no SB)
    6/6/6/5/5 Ring MU
    1:40-2:00 per round

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  4. Gymnastics: done
    Found the HS walks to be quite challenging to stay upside down for that long.
    May have gotten the maltese push ups correct after multiple demonstrations.
    C. max reps around 28

    A. These are still terrible. I did them at a slightly lesser percentage for my back (153?)
    B. Not terrible. 53/63/73/83

    I died on this wod. As I read it now it’s because I was doing 150M rather than ft for the sandbag carry, which I lowered to 100 M after round 2 took 6 min. I subbed in bar MUs, which felt good and I did not have to come down in between. I need to learn to read more closely….

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