May 30th, 2017

A. Clean Pull + Power Clean off Blocks; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2; 80%x2; 85-90%x1x3
B. Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Press; 2-3 reps @90-110% of Snatch x 4 sets
C. Segmented Clean Deadlift (pause for 2-seconds @ 2″ off the ground, top of knee, mid-thigh); 80%x3; 90%x3; 100%x3; 110%x3 (use straps and lower back to the ground slowly; % is based off Clean)

assistance work
Half Kneeling DB Press x 8 arm x 2 @41X1
Band Pull-Throughs x 30 x 2 @1010
Trap-3 Raise x 10 reps/side x 2 @2020

30 Second Assault Bike Easy
30 Second Assault Bike Moderate
30 Second Assault Bike Hard (but could maintain for 2 minutes)
1 Minute Rest Walk
x5 Rounds
Rest 5 minutes



  1. A. 145-230#
    B. 185-215#(1 rep at 215 – need to work on shorter dip)
    C. 215-285#

    HK DB Press: 35/40#
    Thick Green Band
    Trap-3: 10#x2

    60/65/70 rpm throughout
    Will certainly miss everyone while I’m in Florida for a week!

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  2. After a slight hiatus from posting (had to help my team get to nationals and finish in the top 4 and then my boss quit and i worked 90 hours…), I am back. While it was good to be in the gym, I don’t feel great yet and think it will take a few days to adjust.

    A. 83/95/113/128/138. Higher weights were probably more challenging than they should have been.
    B. 103/113/118/123 – felt fine-ish other than some shoulder tweaking
    C. 128/143/158 – stuck at 100% because my back is still not right and trying not to make anything worse.

    assistance work done
    35 & 40# DB press; raises with 5#

    Conditioning done
    I was trying to get out of there so quickly i did not even note my cals (the fumes from the cleaning were getting to me)
    Tried to stay at 50/55/60 rpms (or i think that’s what i was looking at)

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