May 27th, 2017

Skill Work (12-15 minutes)
HS Walk x 50-60 ft x 3
Legless/L-Sit Rope Climbes x 1-2 x 3
Seated Hurdle Jumps x 3-5 x 3
L-Sit Practice (hanging from bar) x 10-15 seconds x 3

A. Defecit Deadlift (2″); 50%x3; 60%x2; 70%x3x4
B. Bench Press x6x4 @30X1 tempo
C1. DB Hammer Curls x 10-12 x 3
C2. Banded Tricep Extensions x 10-12 x 3

5-10 minute easy run warmup
100 Meter Sprint
Rest 4 minutes
x 4 sets
5-10 minutes easy run cooldown



  1. Skills
    HSW done
    L sit pull ups done 6 reps (sub for LRC)
    L sit hold :10 (this hurts my lower back)
    Seated hurdle jumps 5 reps over a medball

    Then did a 50# DB each hand for the bench press and did 7×4 RDL to my ankles to mimic a deficit

    Used 25# for hammer curls and a 40# for tricep extension. Did 12 reps per arm on curls and 12 on tricep

    Then used the treadmill to do a 5 min warm up
    Cranked it to its max and sprinted for :15 at a time (sprinted was a fast run, oh well)
    5 min cool down

    Got this all done from 6-7am before heading to the venue and seeing Katzy and Derek!!!

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  2. Class wod for warm-up

    HSW 32/18′ split
    2/2/1 Legless

    A. 225-295#
    B. 165×2;175×2
    C. Sumo Good Mornings –
    3×8 @135#

    Split Stance single-arm DB Press
    3×10 @30#
    Banded Tricep Extensions
    3×10 (black band)

    Had to skip sprints unfortunately😢



  3. Skillwork
    HSW done unbroken
    Lsit climbs done
    Didn’t know what to hurdle so I skipped it
    L holds :15 done
    B. 135×2, 145, 155
    C1. 25, 30×2
    C2. Green band

    ~ 0:12 – these felt pretty good

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