May 22nd, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM)
A. Jefferson curls x5 reps x 2 sets – focus on getting lower on each rep each set
B. Every 90 seconds x3 sets each
1 – Strict ring muscle up x1 + small kipping muscle ups x2 (or strict pull-up x 2 + kipping pull-up w/tight body position x 3-5)
2 – Seal walk x 10m forwards + 10m backwards
C. Every 90 seconds x 3 sets each
1 – Feet elevated BB inverted row x 5-7 reps
2 – Weighted GHD Hip Extensions x5 reps x 3 sets @3031 tempo

*Use A&B as technique primer, working on getting the bar turned over the feet set as quickly as possible
A. Tall Snatch x4x3
B. High Hang Snatch x3x3 @55-65%
C. Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch from the Knee; 70%x2+2; 75%x(2+2)x3 — you can reset between reps here
D. Snatch Pull w/3-second hold in shrug; 80%x2; 90%x2; 100%x2x3
E. Back Squat; (70%x2; 80%x2; 85%x2) x 2 waves

Conditioning (Granite Games Qualifier Prep)
17 minute amrap:
50 Calorie Assault Bike
50 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
50 Wall Balls (30/20″)
50 HSPUs

Optional Accessory Work
Single Arm High Pull x 30 reps/side
Single Arm DB Press x 10/side x 2
DB External Rotations x 10-12/side  x2



  1. A. 44#
    B. And C done
    140×2, 150×3

    BS: 225-255-270

    All barbell work in metcons, working on that ankle flexibility

    Metcon: 1 rd+ 24 cals

    Ass work I’ll do later had to roll



  2. A. 33#
    B. and C. Done

    A. 33/63/73
    B. 78/83/88
    C. 98/103 x 3 sets
    D. Skipped
    E. 158/183/193

    28 hspu. This was really hard to do outside



  3. A. 53#
    B. Done
    C. Done. 25#ghd
    A. 45, 65×2
    B. 95, 105, 120
    C. 130, 140
    D. 145, 165, 185
    E. 230, 265, 280
    30 HSPU – everything felt hard today. Really struggled with the pull-ups and Had plenty of time for the push-ups but couldn’t get more than sets of five and was doing singles by the end.



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