May 20, 2017

A. Slow Clean (3 seconds to knee then go); 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x2
B. Clean Pull w/slowering; 80%x3; 90%x3; 100%x3
C1. DB Bench Press x 10 x 3
C2. Single Leg Hip Thruster x 10 x 3

Skill Work:
HS Walk x 50 ft x 3
Single Arm DB OH Squats x 6/arm x 3
Depth Drop to Broad Jump x 4 x 3


One Comment

  1. A. 115, 140, 165
    B. 190, 210, 235 – felt heavy
    C1. 50#
    C2. 95
    HS walks done unbroken
    Squats: 35, 40, 45 – was pretty tight in the first set but by the third they felt good.
    Jumps: done – the first few my body kept trying to go up instead of out and it felt pretty slow going from the drop to the jump.



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