May 17th, 2017

Optional AM
30 minute Bike @Z1
(every 5 minutes, complete 2 tough TGU each arm)

Main Session:
A. Kick-up to Free Standing HS Hold x 60 seconds accumulated
B1. Kip Swings on Bar x 10 x 3 (hold something between the feet here
B2. Ring Push-ups x 6-10 x 3
B3. Stiff-Legged Good Mornings x 10 x 3 (light)
C. Weighted Hollow Hold x 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off x 3

A. Pressing Snatch Balance x4x3 w/5-second pause in the bottom of each rep
B. Front Racked (Barbell) Bulgarian Split Squat x 6/leg x 3
Every 2 minutes x 10 rounds
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
4 Bar-Facing Burpees
6 Perfect CTB Pull-ups (work on butterfly here)

Assistance work
EZ Bar Curls x 12 x 2 sets @2121
KB Skull Crushers x 12 x 2 sets @2121
Rear Delt Flies x 15 x 2 sets



    1. Gymnastics:
      A. Done
      B. Done all 10s
      C. Done with PVC and 5#

      A. 45-65-65
      B. 95-115×2

      Ripped my hand and it was pretty bloody after round 2.

      55# for curls
      10# a hand for flies
      26# a hand for crushers

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  1. Did this on Tuesday to work with the vball schedule this week.

    A. done, got one solid 5 second hold. so that was pretty cool haha.
    B1-3 done.
    C. done with 5# on a PVC

    A. Not totally sure if I did this right, but did a regular snatch balance basically but pushed more with my arms rather than simply just dropping under? does this sound right? haha. worked from 53#-73#
    B. done with 73# on the bar, these were tougher than i thought they would be
    Done – I didn’t do C2B here, instead tried to get 6 butterfly pull-ups, I never really work on them so figured this would be a good time. was able to string 3-4 together, I think I need some more raw strength on pullups in general before these become a consistent thing for me.

    Assistance work
    EZ Bar Curls done with 10# each side
    KB Skull Crushers done with 12kg kb
    Rear Delt Flies done with 10# DBs



  2. Gymnastics
    A) done
    B1) done
    B2) 10 regular push ups because I was too lazy to move my rings
    B3) done with the bar
    C) done with broom and 5# plate

    A) 33/53/63
    B) 63/63/63 (I think I found my least favorite movement in all of exercising)
    :32 / :27 / :29 / :26 / :26 / :28 / :27 / :26 / :26
    Ripped on the ninth round and called it quits to go play soccer

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  3. Gymnastics
    A. Done
    B1-3. Done
    C. 5, 5, 10
    A. 45, 65, 95
    B. 95
    My wrist has been acting up again so I skipped the metcon – the ctb did not feel good

    55# curls
    8kg, 12kg skullcrushers
    10# flys

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