May 16th, 2017

5 minute warmup run easy
400 Meter @mile pace
400 Meter @easy pace
200 Meter @fast pace (3-5 seconds faster than mile pace)
Rest 2 minutes
x 6
5 minute cooldown easy

*The 200 Meter is meant to be at your GOAL Mile pace (not what you currently can do)
This should get increasingly difficult as the sets go on, but once you cannot maintain the pace, shut it down.



  1. 400 fast- :22/100m but kept going fast. Consistently 1:24-1:26 per fast 400

    200 was :19/100 but usually 19-20 seconds per 100. So 38-40s per 200.

    Great day at track with Brandon Brayn and Josh

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  2. Done —

    Tried to keep intervals as listed above like Coop had 22/19 seconds respectively. Held for about 4 sets. Fell off on the fifth – couple cramps and the urge to vacate my GI tract from both ends. Took a few minutes to gather myself and then ran the last interval. Tough day!

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  3. Did this at the lovely Seekonk high,
    Home of the one and only Matt Quinn hahah.

    Done on Wednesday before vball, only got through three rounds because I had to leave the track to get to Vball.

    Tried to keep a 1:45/grandpa shuffle/0:50 pace the whole time, I was plus or minus about 3-4 seconds each time, need to work on pacing 😅 I actually really liked the track workout despite how much it sucked hahaha

    I actually like



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