May 8th, 2017

Gymnastics Testing Week
– All sets are max reps to technical failure
– Make sure to warm up well before all attempts
– Rest as needed between each set for full recovery

A. Jefferson curl – build to a challenging weight – this is not a max – still maintaining slow tempo down with pause at bottom
B. Strict ring muscle ups
C. Kipping ring muscle ups
D. 5 legless rope climbs for time
E. Hollow hold
F. Arch hold

A. 3-Position Snatch (high hang; above the knee, below the knee);; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2; 75-80%x1 OTM x3
B. Back Squat @33X1; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2; 80-85%x1x3 (as heavy as able with strict tempo)

For time:
Hang Squat Clean (185/125 or 70% of your 1-RM Clean, whichever is lighter)
Wall Climbs w/5-second hold at the top of each rep

Accessory Work
DB External Rotations x 10-12/side x 2
Trap-3 Raise x 10-12/side x 2



  1. A. Just did 65 my back hurts
    Happy with these matched PRs on MU as I’m 10# heavier due to bulking season!


    BS: 160-190-225-255

    11:56 at 185. All UB on HSC

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  2. A:24
    Got my 1st Strict MU/7/1:46/1:30/1:15
    Back Squat:
    First round at 185 then went down to 155 for the rest of the rounds

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  3. A. 135
    B. 2 Strict MU
    *Didn’t tie or beat my PR.
    C.14 MU
    *Didn’t tie or beat my PR but all good.
    D. 1 MINUTE
    E. 2 MINUTES

    A. 120-175
    *This complex has felt weird for the past few weeks. Trying to improve it every time and this week felt the best.
    C. 225, 275, 305, 325, (345, 350, 365)
    *Changed my bar position from way high on the trap to right above the base of my traps. This let me stay much more upright, especially coming out of the pause.

    *Done at 225.

    Solid 3 hours session with Josh, Cooper and Adam.

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  4. A. 28kg
    B. 8
    C. 9 – still feel like I’m flailing
    D. 1:47
    E. 1:12
    F. 1:30
    A. 95, 110, 125, 135-145 – definitely feeling better at heavier weights today.
    B. 160, 195, 225, 260-275
    10:00ish. I forget what time I got exactly. My wrist was bothering me a little so I scaled to 135 (70% would have been 160)

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  5. A. 6 MU – PR
    B. 13 MU -2 of PR
    C. 2:15 – took a gamble on the last one and failed. Cost me almost a minute.
    D. 48 sec
    E. 1:12

    Snatches: 110-165. Felt slow and weak.
    BS: 195-330. Felt better here than snatches

    Workout: 14:25. Climbs Slow slow slow. Cleans UB.

    Long day. Not how I hoped it would go, but GOOD!!!!!! Onward.



  6. Had a shorter time to workout today so had to postpone the gymnastics and accessory, will do tuesday.

    A. 3-Position Snatch, 63, 73, 83, 88 OTM
    B. Back Squat 113, 133, 153, 178

    For time:
    Done in about 19 minutes – couldn’t really race through this because of a really really big 6:30 class, so did my best to work quickly. used 113# on the bar (70%)

    Accessory Work
    will do tuesday



  7. Today was a particularly challenging session, had to come in the am and nothing seemed to go well. Not my day.

    A. done
    B. & C. Couldn’t get any today 😦
    D. Did 5 regular in 2:05. I still have a mental block/fear of falling trying these without my legs.
    E. 1:45
    F. 1:50

    A. 63/73/88 – has definitely felt better
    B. Tried to squat and back was realllly hurting, so i stopped.

    For time: Only had time to finish the round of 10 before work.

    Accessory Work: ran out of time 😦



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