May 2nd, 2017

A. Clean Pull from Blocks + Power Clean + Push Jerk; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2; 75%x1 OTM x 5
B. Push Press w/ 3-second lowering; x4x4 @5% heavier than last week
C. Deadlift @30X1; 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x3x2; 80%x2x3
D1. Landmine Press x 8/side x 3
D2. Single Leg Hip Thruster x 6/side x 3 (if the barbell is too much, use a KB on the hip here)

Rowing Work (courtesy of Chris Hinshaw’s Aerobic Capacity)
1 x 1000m @warmup pace
2 minute rest

3 x (250m fast, 150m easy)
2 minute rest

3 x (150m faster, 150m easier)
2 minute rest

3 x (100m fastest, 150m easiest)
2 minute rest

1 x 650m @cooldown pace

Workout pacing:
*Starting “fast” pace: 2k PR pace
*Starting “easy” pace: 20 seconds slower/500m than 2k PR pace



  1. DId rows first:
    Splits per round:

    4600+ M row

    A. 135/155/185/190
    B. 170 (tough)
    C. 185/225/255/290
    D1. 50# on bar
    D2. 95#



  2. Very sore coming in today. Legs felt stiff. Arms and chest feel tight and sore from yesterday’s EMOM I’m assuming.

    Rows first:

    Pace: 1:45/1:40/1:33 for working sets.

    Barbell: 135-205
    PP: 195
    Deadlift: 205-325
    Land mine: 45
    Hip thruster: 20kg kb

    Pretty beat up leaving this session. Been short on sleep and food the past few days. Probably the issue here. Just need to be better with those two.



  3. Barbell
    A. 83, 103, 113, 125
    B. 103#
    C. 133, 153, 178, 198
    D1. accidently skipped this
    D2. done with 45# barbell

    Rowing Work
    1 x 1000m @ 2:10
    2 minute rest

    3 x (2:00/2:20)
    2 minute rest

    3 x (1:55/2:25)
    2 minute rest

    3 x (1:50/2:30)
    2 minute rest

    1 x 650m @ 2:10



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