April 25th, 2017

A. Clean Pull from Blocks + Power Clean + Push Jerk; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x3
B. Push Press w/ 3-second lowering; x4x4 @75-80%
C. Deadlift @30X1; 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x3x5
D1. Landmine Press x 8/side x 3
D2. Single Leg Barbell Hip Bridge x6/side x 3

8 Second Empty Sled Sprint
Rest 80 seconds
x 12



  1. Gobble Gobble, I am back.

    A. 135, 145, 170
    B. 165
    C. 185, 225 (both overhand), 255 (mixed)
    D1. 45# on bar
    D2. 115# for one set (too heavy) then two more sets at 95#

    Sprints on Assault Bike: (No access to sled or space)
    7/8/7/8/8/7/7/9/7/7/8/7 Cals

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  2. Barbell
    A. 83/95/113 – these felt pretty good
    B. 113/115/119/120 – better than an 80% 🙂
    C. Tried a couple at 40% and it really hurt my back…so no more
    D1. 35 & 40# on a 35# bar
    D2. These were crazy awkward. I tried them at 65# and was mildly successful.

    So the sled would not slide on the floor indoors after CERTAIN people used it in the rain. We tried using the slidy things underneath the front and I got a few in, but you couldn’t go fast. We could not go outside because we were locked in. This was actually disappointing because i like the sled.



  3. Barbell
    A. done 83, 98, 113 – these felt good today
    B. Done at 93, then 98# – these are feeling better
    C. 133, 153, 178 – mixed grip on all
    D1. done with 20# on a 45# bar, struggled with these today
    D2. done with 63#

    Couldn’t do the sprints due to metal sled + rubber floors = maximum friction haha. Should have been creative like Coop and done bike sprints or sled drag sprints or something. I’ll make this up during the week.



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