April 24th, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM)
**during warm up KB Jefferson curls x3 reps x3 sets 10 second descent + 5 second hold at bottom
A1. Pronated grip strict ring pull ups x3-5 reps **3 second hold at the top of each rep
A2. Dip negatives – 10 second support + 10 second descent + 10 second hold at the bottom (if you cannot maintain the tempo adjust to a number you can – no press back out) x 3 sets
B. Plank hold on rings x30 seconds making small circles with arms **hollow position with scap protraction and arms externally rotated x 3 sets
C. KB side bends x10 rep per arm x 3 sets 55/70#

**All the same as last week, look to improve positions and/or time under tension

A. 3-Position Snatch (high hang; above the knee, below the knee); pause for 2 -seconds at each position; 50%x2; 60%x2; 70%x2x3
B. Back Squat @33X1; 70%x3x2; 75%x2x3
C1. Chest-Supported Barbell Row x8x3 @50X1
C2. KB Front Racked Step-Up x 6/leg x 3

Optional AM or PM
45-60 Minute Assault Bike @easy pace



  1. AM Session:
    3 rounds at 80%:
    3 Ring MU-6 burps over erg-300 M row at 1:45
    rest :90


    3 rounds at 80%
    6 Straight Leg Toes to Bar
    18 DU
    1 minute run on True Form (.25 Miles)
    Rest :90

    This all felt nice! Good start to the day. Didn’t do 4 sets of each to keep myself fresh for the strength work.

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  2. Gymnastics: done – those side bends tho
    95-125 – feeling better than they have in a while
    225/240 – these also felt pretty good
    24kg / 16″

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  3. Gymnastics
    A1. Done, 3 reps
    A2. done, 8 seconds on the bottom hold instead of 10
    B. done
    C. Didn’t see the weight here, did 44#, will do the 53# next time

    A. 63, 73, 83, had a super terrible day at this, after failing multiple times to accumulate all the reps at the sets of 83# (kept missing the last of the three) brought the weight back down to 73# and just worked on my bar path and keeping the barbell from getting out in front of me.
    B. Done, these felt good.
    C1. Done, 95#
    C2. Done, 35# each hand

    Optional AM or PM
    Played some beach vball after the session



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