April 21st, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM):
A. Strict ring muscle ups x2 reps EMOM x5 (or work to accumulate 8-10 reps with or without assistance)
B. Tuck ups x50 reps from hollow position **feet and shoulders cannot touch the ground – break up however you need to
C. DB Hercules hold x15 seconds palms up + 15 seconds palms down x 3 sets

A. Clean from Pause @ knee + Front Squt + Jerk; heavy single in this complex
B. DB Split Squat @3010 tempo; 8-RM with each leg
C1. Single Arm DB Row x8/arm x3 sets @30X1
C2. Landmine Press x 8/arm x 3 sets @30X1
D. Banded Good Morning x 20 x 3



  1. A-C done. Tucks 20-15-15
    Hercules all 10#

    Barbell: 225
    Hit clean and FS at 245 but no way I was jerking it. No lifting shoes.

    50# for one legged squats and rows
    Barbell and 45# for landmine
    Green band for good mornings

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  2. Gymnastics
    A. Done with 44# kb on a weight belt on the ring thing
    B. done
    C. done with 10#

    A. got to 143 today, I want to get to 153 with this but my jerk wasn’t feeling so hot today
    B. done with 35# each arm
    C1. 35#
    C2. womens barbell plus 27.5#
    D. done



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