April 19th, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM)
A. Narrow hand position (stomach to wall) HS hold x 30-45 seconds x 3 sets – feet together toes pointed
B. EMOM x6
even – Kipping CTB pull ups x5 reps (no butterfly) + 10-15 second chin over the bar hold on last rep x 3 sets **feet out in front toes pointed
odd – Kipping HSPU x4-6 reps **butt cannot touch wall
D. Straddle L-sit hold x 10 seconds on 10 seconds off x5 sets **use p-lette bars about 6-8 inches a part form each other

A. OH Yoke Walk – 3 or 4 sets to find a 100ft max unbroken
B. Farmer’s Carry – 3 or 4 sets to find a 100ft max unbroken

4 minutes @80-85%:
1 Legless Rope Climb
5 Burpee Box Jumps @24/20″

Rest 2 minutes

4 minutes @80-85%:
4 Strict HSPUs
8 Hang Power Cleans (135/95 lb)

Rest 2 minutes:

4 minutes @80-85%:
7 OHS @95/65
7/4 Calorie Bike



  1. A. Done
    B/C. Done (5&6)
    D. Did regular L sits by accident, but tried straddle after and my hip flexor would not allow that haha.

    Strength: will do tomorrow. No yoke here.

    4+3* realized I was doing a 20″ box after 2.5 rounds. Weird boxes at the gym haha.

    3+3 (the HSPU felt so bad)

    3+7+6 did some extra cals but I didn’t count it as a full 4 rounds.

    Really tough day today even at 80%



  2. A. Done
    B. Done — need some coaching on the HSPU.
    C. Done – definitely a little more awkward than I remember.

    Strength: OH: 275
    Farmer: 195/hand

    Conditioning: 5/3/4+3



  3. Gymnastics: done

    A. class was going so this was a bit challenging. Got about 65 feet with the yoke itself and about 50 feet with 20 lbs on the yoke.
    B. 115 each hand. had to go fast so i didnt drop that last round

    Conditioning: 4+3 Box jumps/3+2 HSPU/3+7OHS
    Was fun to jump in with the class and do this.

    I’m off to run the largest collegiate tournament in the country (maybe world), so I’ll see you all next week. Don’t have fun on Saturday without me, ok?

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  4. Gymnastics:
    A: done, need to work on being comfortable with my nose all the way to the wall though
    B: done, but my butt was definitely all over the wall on the hspus, and the hold after the C2Bs was definitely a struggle
    C:done, but the last two sets were more like 8 seconds. happy to do these successfully on the parallettes though!

    A. did 175# with a barbell on a high rack for 100ft, feel like I should maybe try that yoke soon…
    B. 115 each hand on the last round, went from the 73# kbs straight to this, and this was SO much harder. good stuff.

    4 rounds even (not legless, got as many legless pulls as I could, then used my legs minimally, more to anchor myself, reset my hands, and then pull with my arms.)
    3+8 – did 8 pike strict hspus rather than hspus
    3+7+3, accidently did 5 cals each round on the bike, oops.



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