April 18th, 2017

A. Push Press w/4-second lowering x3x5 @80-85%
B. Single Leg DB RDL @40X1 x5/side x 4
C. Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Press x 8/side x 3 (hold a heavy KB in the front rack on the other side)
D. Sorenson Hold (weighted); 40 seconds on, 40 seconds off x 3 sets
8 Second Assault Bike Sprint
Rest 2 minutes
x 10
(during your rest times, complete a 20 second hollow hold)



  1. A. 165 these went really wel today
    B. 50# DB a hand these were tough on balance
    C. 40# and 53# KB
    D. 25#

    These were fun
    Hollow holds done



  2. A. done at 123. Failed one in the middle. very hard. very tired this week
    B. done with 35#.
    C. Accidentally did 4 sets at 30/35/40/40
    D. 3rd one reallyyyy hurt. Got through it though.

    Bike: 4 cals for all rounds except for 5 cals for 7 and 8. Need to get longer legs.
    hollow holds done.



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