April 15th, 2017

A. High Hang Muscle Snatch x5x3
B. Deadlift; 70%x5; 75%x5; 80%x3x3
C. Bench Press x5x3
D. Skull Crushers x10x3
8 second empty sled sprint
Rest 2 minutes
x 8
Rest 5 minutes
200 meter run easy
200 meter run @90%
x 4



  1. A. 95,105×2
    B. 245,265,275x3x3.
    Went on to pull 365 for a 20# PR just to see where my baseline is for deadlift. Came off the ground fast, I did 355 beltless for a 10# PR first. 365 belted. 385 didn’t exactly move.
    C. 155-175-185 (def never done 185×5)
    D. Done with 2 tens on either side

    Prowler: done in gym, it was good.
    Runs outside of gym, it was good.



  2. A. 53 & 73×2
    B. No deadlifting until my back is better. Did some additional hamstring work instead.
    C. 103, 123, 128
    D. 20, 30 & 40# on squiggly bar

    Sled sprints were fun and challenging by #8.
    Running killed me today, need more of it!

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