April 12th, 2017

A. Narrow hand position (back to wall) HS hold x 30-45 seconds x 3 sets – feet together toes pointed
B. Kipping CTB (no butterfly) x5-7 reps x 3 sets **pause 2 seconds with chest to bar and straight body, if you cannot do this scale to chin over bar hold
C. L-Sit Hold x 10 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8-10 sets

Strength Work
A. OH Yoke Walk x 100ft x 3 (heavier than last week)
B. Farmer’s Carry x 100ft x 3 (heavier than last week)
At easy pace:
1 minute ski
1 minute bike
1 minute single unders
1 minute row
1 minute bear crawl
x 30 minutes



  1. A. :30-35 each time
    B. Done 5×3, done as chin to bar
    C. done with boxes not parallettes

    Yoke:,155×3 off of high rack, I’ll try the yoke next time.

    Farmer: 53# kbs, should have gone heavier for this

    Did EMOM with running instead of single unders with the rest of the crew

    fun day 🙂



  2. Gymnastics done
    Need to get back on the bar more, my hands are getting soft.

    Strength Work
    Limited time, so I did the farmer’s carry with 85# each arm.
    It felt too risky to use the yoke with all the bear crawling going on.

    and 15 min of the EMOM. Jumping rope with just 1 jump seemed incredibly challenging to coordinate. 3rd round I ran instead.



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