April 8th, 2017

**If anyone wants to come do a track/field workout, we will be leaving from the gym at 8:20. Plan to come at 8 and help load stuff into Jake’s truck


A. High Hang Muscle Snatch x5x3
B. Deadlift; 70%x5x2; 75%x5x2
C. Bench Press x 5 x 3
D. Skull Crushers x 10 x 3



  1. Did some awesome work at track:
    Great warm up led by Sue.

    Then Prowler 3 times for like 50 ft.
    Then 5 rounds of max effort :10 empty prowler.

    Then as a team of 4 rotating whenever for 400M each:
    Backwards sled drag with 45# plate and 100# sand bag.
    Prowler push with two 45’s.
    100# sandbag bear hold carry.
    rest station.



  2. Was super fun to get outside and push the sled around!
    Back inside:
    C. Bench Pressx5x3 at 83/103/123
    D. Skull Crushersx10x3 with 20, 30 & 40# on bar
    E. reverse snow anglesx15x3 with 2.5#

    Fun Saturday am!

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