April 7th, 2017

gymnastics work
A. Narrow hand position (back to wall) HS hold x 30 seconds x 3 sets – feet together toes pointed
B. Strict TTB x5 reps x 5 sets with slow and controlled descent

barbell work
A Clean w/pause at knee + FS + Jerk; 50×2, 60x2x2; 70x2x2
B. DB or KB Bulgarian split squat x 6/side x 3 @3010 (no pause at top)
C DB row x 8/side @ 30×1 x 3 sets
7 minute amrap
3 ring MU
5 burpees
7 Wall balls (30/20 lb)



  1. A. Done (3″ apart?)
    B. Done

    A. 135-155-185
    B. 35s and then 44s
    C. 50#

    Metcon: did alternating tasks for 10 minutes idk how many rounds. It was hard. Believe it was 13+



  2. A. Done
    B. Done
    A. 115, 135, 155
    B. 16kg, 20kgx2
    C. 50, 70×2
    Metcon: 6+2 ( all unbroken except the last two MU – I managed to get all the muscle ups but they were flaily)



  3. gymnastics work: done

    barbell (PT says no squatting below parallel for a bit….)
    A. 83/95/113. Worked hard on form
    B. done with 35 & 45# KBs
    C. 25/35/40

    7 minute amrap: 5 rds + 3 MUs – done on the low rings with a band



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