April 4th, 2017

*The next couple of weeks will be focused on:
– structural work
– aerobic restoration
– preparing for the next accumulation phase of training
– letting the body and mind recover from the stressful period we just finished
– identifying structural imbalances/deficiencies
– having fun

*Please read the FRCF blog post about this post-Open period:

*We will layer back in the gymnastics work and conditioning over the next 3 weeks.

A. Push Press w/4-second lowering x4x4 @70-75%
B. Single Leg DB RDL @40X1 x8/side x 3
C. Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Press x 8/side x 3 (hold a heavy KB in the front rack on the other side)
D1. Supine Leg Curls on Medball x 12-15 x 3
D2. Single Arm Trap 3 Raise x 8-10/side x 3
D3. FLR on Rings x 40-60 seconds x 3



  1. A. 185 – hard AF for that last rep.
    B. 60/70×2 .
    C. 35/40×2 – 24 kg hold
    D. 15/10#/60 sec

    Another solid day. These workouts require an entirely different type of focus. Surprisingly sore. Really attempting to be honest with myself and my own abilities/limitations in order to establish a better foundation for healthier positions. Excited to keep building!

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  2. A. More challenging than I was anticipating. Done at 108.
    B. 25 & 35. Really working on form here.
    C. 35#.
    D1. done
    D2. 5#
    D3. 50 seconds

    Really glad we’re having time to on this fundamental stuff now, which is right in line with my PT rehab.

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