March 15th, 2017

Gymnastics (courtesy of CFM)
A. Muscle Up Practice x 2-3 reps EMOM x 3; work efficiency and catching as high as possible
B. Strict Defecit HSPU @ tough deficit x2-3 reps EMOM x3
C. Kipping HSPU x5 reps every EMOM x3 – butt off wall
D. Hollow to arch rolls x :30 seconds **3 second pause in each position x3 sets

A. Overhead Squat @22X1; 2-3 reps x 3 sets @80-100% of Snatch
B. Clean; heavy-ish double in 8 minutes (after warmup)

2 rounds @ high effort:
15/12 Cal BIke
15 Clean & Jerk @115/75

Rest 5 minutes

2 rounds @ high effort:
15/12 cal row
10 Thrusters @115/75

Rest 5 minutes

15 minute row – top of every 3 minutes ride @500m PR pace for 15 seconds



  1. Gymnastics (courtesy of CFM)
    A. Done on low rings, no band
    B. done with 10# plate as deficit
    C. done, these were better than last week
    D. done. felt a little weird.

    A. 103/113/113. back really hurting in both these pieces
    B. up to 143, which did not feel great.

    6:50 and 4 something.
    Finished with 7:30 min of rowing before I had to get ready and leave for work.
    bar work was not my friend today.



  2. Great training session today with Erin and Derek back home!

    A. Done. Did triples
    B. Triples 4″ deficit.
    C. Did these much better this week.

    A. 165-185×2 doubles (shoulders are cooked)
    B. 245. This is 96% of my clean. Hit it for a pretty easy double, stoked. Almost hit 265 for a 10# clean PR.

    4:02 (7-5-3 on CJ, 500-600/300-400 on bike for watts)
    2:48 (UB) second row and thrusters were much harder.
    15 min row: 3402 Meters. Got from 1:28-1:38 on the sprint.

    Great hard day. Need rest.

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  3. A. Triples. Felt good
    B. Triples. 6″ deficit
    C. Tried to go as fast as possible

    A. 215
    *was feeling tight today

    B. 255, 275, 315
    *255 was very solid. 275 was solid for one and I ran out the jerk on the second. 315 IS ELUSIVE THAT MOTHERFUCKER.

    C. Front squats @230, 275, 305 x3

    *went 5 then singles on the first one and then 5s on the second set. 88+ rpm then 75 rpm
    *2000+ on first row, 1500+ on second. Unbroken thrusters felt light.
    15 Min Row: 3400+ meters. 1:30 on sprints.

    Stoked to have Erin and Derek here! Great training session with the whole squad.

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