March 8th, 2017

A. Muscle-Up Work – Strict or Kipping, whichever needs work, x 8-10 reps total
B. Kipping HSPU x3 reps every :45 x 6 sets **butt cannot touch wall
C. Weighted hollow/arch cluster x2 sets each alternating between hollow and arch – rest 5 seconds between reps and 60 seconds between clusters. Use a PVC pipe with change plates, hands are pull up width apart. 10 hollow/10 arch/10 hollow/10 arch

A. Snatch; 70%x1; 80%x1; 85%x1
B. Clean; 70%x1; 80%x1; 85%x1; 90%x1

Skill work
OTM x 2-3 sets:
Odd: 5 Thrusters @135/95
Even: 20-30 Double Unders + 6-8 CTB Pull-ups (focus on smooth transition and efficient reps)

right into…

20 minute recovery row



  1. A. Did 2 strict into 2 MU
    B. Done, hard to not have your butt touch.
    C. Done with PVC and 5#

    A. 140,160,170 no misses in my METTYS! Happy about this.
    B. 180,190,215,230 (tried to move quick through these to simulate heavy cleans in a workout)

    emom: done all UB. 5, 30, and 8.

    Row done: 4200+ meters, felt nice to recover!



  2. Gymnastics
    A. Did kipping work on low rings (with no band!)
    B. The butt not touching the wall really threw off my balance and really made me feel like I was just doing strict HSPUs anyway, but good to do something different.
    C. Thank you to Adam for positioning me on this one!

    A. 84/96/103 – quick and easy
    B. 113/128/136 – felt pretty good. Could have used some more warm up.

    Skill work
    2 sets. CTB felt on on arms and shoulders, but hands were hurting.
    (running out of time)
    Had to cut row to 10 min to get to work on time.

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  3. A) 8 singles
    B) Done, just focused on staying in a tripod at the bottom.
    C) Done w/5#

    A) 170, 195, 205
    *1 miss at 195. Did a solid warmup with a a lot of jumps and position work in the work up sets.
    B) 220, 255, 270, 285
    *Wasn’t being patient enough.

    165 on thrusters
    30 dubs /10 CTB



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