February 22nd, 2017

A. Narrow Grip OHS x3x3 w/2-second pause in the bottom @60-70% of last week’s heavy double

EMOM x 16:
1: 10 Toes to Bar + 20 Double Unders
2: 80ft Sandbag Carry
3: 30 seconds of No-Push-up Burpee Box Jumps @20″
4: Rest

30 sec AB @80%
30 sec AB @50%
x 15 minutes



  1. A. 135 across. Kept it to 60% as my back is a bit seized up.
    B. Done. Used a 150# sandbag. Everything UB.
    C. 186 cals.
    64-66 and 50-52 Rpms



  2. A) 185, 205, 225
    *all off the floor

    10 Straight leg kipping, 5/5 Straight leg/bent leg x2, 10 as fast as possible
    150 sandbag
    12, 14, 13, 15

    C) 191 Cals
    70-72 RPM
    40-50 RPM

    Tried to keep a pace where I didn’t get a quad pump.

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  3. A. Done at 103. My shoulders do not like the narrow grip!

    100lb sandbag. Unsure of how to do a burpee without a pushup….
    All unbroken except that 2nd set of DUs when I kept tripping on air.

    AB: 138 cals i think
    62-64 RPM
    35ish RPM
    I need to figure out how to move the seat forward, my short arms were struggling.



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