February 18th, 2017

A. Power Snatch from Blocks w/pause in catch; 50%x3; 60%x3; 70%x3; 80%x3 (as singles)
B. Bench Press x8x3
35/25 Strict HSPUs for time
*every time you come off the wall, complete a 50’walk with two KBs in front rack (70/53 lb)
5 TnG Deadlifts (heavy)
3 Box Jump Overs @30/24″ (clear the box)
10 second bike sprint
Rest 3 minutes
x 4



  1. A. 100/120/140/160 wasn’t happening
    B. 145/155/165
    C. Idk, had a ghetto set up of inside and outside HSPU and walking space using a 185 barbell. Took awhile.

    Didn’t do last set, needed to get home haha.



  2. A. 63/73/84/96
    B. 103/113/123
    25 Strict HSPUs: 1:40 with one 50ft walk (I barely got those kbs up, so really fought for the 15 and 10 HSPUs.
    Rounds at 45-50 seconds, with 4-5 cals per bike sprint.
    Only did 155# because my hamstring is still sensitive and the goal is to strengthen here.

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