February 15th, 2017

A. Narrow-grip Overhead Squat x 2 reps OT2Min x 6 sets, building

Accessory work
Banded Face Pulls x 10×3
Seal Walk x 30-50 ft x 3

7 minute clock:
OHS 95/65#

*if you finish 21 of each, stop there

Rest until the 14:00, then…

For time:
Hang Power Snatch 95/65#
Kipping HSPUs



  1. As a group we went over setting the tone for the workout and coming in and grounding the future training sessions in a positive mindset.
    We juggled the soccer ball, did some deep breathing, a mini wod warm up, and then talked about the stimulus and how to attack the workout. It was awesome and everyone killed it.

    A. 225 PR. The most I’ve ever OHS with any grip for one is 205. SO to double 225 with a narrower grip was awesome. Thanks everyone for the push. Congrats on the other PRs.

    B. green band and 50 ft. Seal walk x3

    C. Got 21 OHS and 3 toes to bar.
    Went UB through the set of 18. Then did 15-6 for the 21 OHS. UB through the set of 12 toes to bar. And then went 11-4, 6-7-5 and 3 into the 21.

    C2. 10:59, excited with how this went but I think SUB 10 is def attainable if I didn’t no rep about 5 times. Really adds a lot of time.

    Awesome day today with everyone.

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  2. Great day. Everyone crushed it and we went over some really really good stuff to start implementing as a daily practice in our training sessions.

    A) 135, 175, 225, 245, 280, 300 (PR OHS)
    *Felt really solid during these. I think the breathing really helped get he core turned on. Back jerk felt really goood too.

    Accessory: done


    *Should’ve came out quicker here but I learned a lot during this

    *Bro what are shoulders?

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  3. A. 115, 135, 155, 175, 185x, 185x ( 175 was easy but could not keep 185 over my head )
    Accessory: done
    Conditioning :
    18+ 12 – my legs were burning pretty quickly.
    17:40 – I cannot do handstand push-ups anymore. Sets of 3. Snatches felt slow at the beginning but started getting better around the round of 12.

    Glad I finished. Meh

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  4. A: 118, failed at 123, 123 was my last 1 rep I’m pretty sure. Legs were tired today, I feel like I have more in the tank here
    B: done
    15+3, t2b felt great up until the round of 12
    29:54 – I know this time sucks but I was super excited I finished and got all these hspus with the 25# plates, definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this last year. The hang snatches felt great.

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  5. Made this up last night after Oly class.

    A. My right shoulder was really hurting with a super narrow grip, so I brought it out a little.
    83-143. Probably should have tried 153, but am trying to keep things from hurting right now.

    Accessory work: done.

    7min: Got through the round of 15. T2B sooo slow. And was trying to stay out of way of class.
    15:50 on the snatch/HSPUs. I was really dragging on this doing it alone. Not feeling like it was my best day of HSPUs.



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