February 6th, 2017

Gymnastics (Courtesy of CFM)
A. False grip jump to support x7 attempts **set rings 6-12 inches above head –
goal is a smooth jumping muscle up to support
B. Front uprise practice x3 reps – catching as high as possible each rep x2 sets
(C1/C2 can be done after the workout)
C1. Weighted strict dip x3 reps + 10 second support hold on each rep x 2 sets
C2. Weighted pull up x 3 reps + 10 second chin over the bar hold on last rep x 2 sets
D. Hollow Rock x10 + Arch Rock x10 – OTM x5

A Snatch pull + Snatch from hang (pause @ knee) 50%x2, 60%x2, 70%x2
B Snatch from pause @ knee; 80%x2
C Snatch; 80%x1, 85%x1
D. Front Squat; 80%x3; 85%x2; 90%x1

Against a 10-minute clock:
8 deadlifts (155 / 115 lb.)
7 cleans (155 / 115 lb.)
6 snatches (155 / 115 lb.)
8 pull-ups
7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
6 bar muscle-ups
6 deadlifts (155 / 115 lb.)
5 cleans (155 / 115 lb.)
4 snatches (155 / 115 lb.)
6 pull-ups
5 chest-to-bar pull-ups
4 bar muscle-ups
4 deadlifts (155 / 115 lb.)
3 cleans (155 / 115 lb.)
2 snatches (155 / 115 lb.)
4 pull-ups
3 chest-to-bar pull-ups
2 bar muscle-ups

(power clean/snatch are fine here)



  1. A. Done
    B. Done
    C. 30# for both and on rings
    D. Done

    A. 100,120,140
    B. 160 (hit the first, missed the second, took 20 seconds and hit the second)
    C. 160, 170
    D. 240,255,270,195 for FS

    Got capped after the 3 cleans. Almost hit another snatch. Everything but the snatch felt fine. Just weak today after no sleep, but the pats won so all is good. I missed probabaly 5-7 snatches? Switched to squat snatch by accident on the first rep I did make (after wasting a couple minutes missing) and hung with squat snatches from there. Wish I had switched sooner cause they started to go better when I did that. Think I’d of finished had I don’t that cause I only needed 2 more and then the bar work would’ve been easy. Oh well. Excuses excuses. Onward.



  2. A. Done
    B. Done on low rings with band
    C. 10# for ring dips, no weight on the pull-ups
    D. Done

    A. 63, 73, 83
    B. 93
    C. 93, 103
    D. 148, 158, 168, these felt really good today

    Hit the time cap after the 5 chest to bars, got to the muscle ups with a minute left and couldn’t get another one but that being said, I’m superrrrr stoked I even got through that first round and got the first 6 muscle ups. Good day and good squad 🙂

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  3. A. Done
    B. Done
    C. 20#
    D. Done
    A. 95, 115, 135
    B. 145
    C. 145, 155 feeling a little rusty, but didn’t miss any.
    D. I messed up the percentages but did 190, 220, 235 – these felt heavy.
    7:05@115. Snatch limited what I could lift, but everything felt pretty good.

    Great to be getting back to the comp group!

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  4. A) Done
    B) Done
    C) Done w/36 PWO
    D) Done PWO

    A) 135, 155, 170
    B) 195
    C) 195, 205
    D) 305, 325, 345

    *Deadlift and cleans done unbroken. Snatches as singles. Pull up and chest to bar unbroken, drop and shake off arms, unbroken BMU.

    Great “mellow Monday” with the squad, missing a few of ya😒

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  5. A. Done
    B. Done
    C. Done with 20# vest
    Holds done.


    -Happy with how the barbell stuff went. Still cautious with loading and pulling from the floor. Kind of “as tolerated” for right now.

    Conditioning: 6:27

    DL and Cleans UB
    Snatches as singles.
    First complex UB.
    2nd and 3rd rounds did pull ups and dropped before doing MU.

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  6. Amazing to have others to work out with last night!

    A. done. Had to hit the 7th one a few times to get there. I’m still extremely scared of heights.
    B. Done on low rings with band. First 3 I was able to catch higher. Second set was not as good.
    C. Done with 16# weight vest.
    D. done

    A. 63/73/83 These even felt relatively normal
    B 95
    C 93 and 100. still felt good
    D. Did sets of 3 up to 125 when I started to feel it in hamstring, so left it there.

    Did at 95#. Got through 1 snatch in the 3rd round. Kept a steady, but not super fast pace on lifts to protect leg. Did not miss a single bar muscle up, which was great.

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