February 3rd, 2017

Snatch; 80%x1 OTM x3; 85%x1 OTM x3; 90%x1 OT2M x 2
Clean + Front Squat + Jerk; 70%x1+1+1; 80%x1+1+1
Clean & Jerk; 85%x1; 90%x1; 90+%x1

For time – 20 minute time cap:
60 DU’s
50 Front Squat and Overhead @ 45/35lbs
– must finish by 4 min
70 DU’s
40 Front Squat and Overhead @ 95/65lbs
– must finish by 8 min
80 DU’s
30 Front Squat and Overhead @ 135/95lbs
– must finish by 12 min
90 DU’s
20 Front Squat and Overhead @ 185/125lbs
– must finish by 16 min
100 DU’s
10 Front Squat and Overhead @ 225/155lbs
– must finish by 20 min
*Add load to one barbell
*Thrusters are allowed



  1. Barbell: lowered the %s a little to what my hammy can tolerate:
    snatch: 83/93/103. felt decent
    clean/squat/jerk: 103/113/123
    C&J: 123/133/133

    This was a bit demoralizing to do at 7am (or probably any time).
    Got through 30 thrusters at 65#. DUs were not great from the start.
    Did round 3 for “fun” and got through 20 thrusters.

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  2. Went Friday night lights style

    A. 160 x3, 170 XXX, 155 for 2 more
    Snatch felt awful

    B. 185,205
    C. 210,220,225 (happy to hit this!)

    D. 24 into the 30. Bummed I didn’t get through. Wasn’t gassed engine wise, but legs were toast. Must have paced too fast on the first two rounds? Even though I tried to keep it slower.

    30s went something like 4-3-3-3-2-2-1s



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