January 30th

Gymnastics add-ins (before or after)
A1. Weighted Ring Dip x3x3 w/5-second lockout each rep
A2. Strict Chest-to-Bar Pullup x 5 x3
B. Hollow Rock x10 + Arch Rock x10 – OTM x5

A. Snatch Balance; heavy-ish triple (not a max)
B. Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch from Below the Knee + OHS; build to a heavy single in 10 minutes
C. Front Squat; 70%x3; 80%x2; 90%x1x2

8 minute amrap:
1 Power Clean @205/135
1 Burpee Ring Muscle Up
2 Power Clean
2 Burpee Ring Muscle Up

Optional Finisher:
60/45 Kipping HSPUs in UB sets of 5 ONLY



  1. A1: done with 10# extra
    A2: done as regular strict pull ups
    B: Done

    A: worked up to 83#
    B: got up to 93, missed twice at 93, wanted to get to 103, but time was up
    C: 128, 143, 163

    Metcon: Done on low rings with blue band
    4+9 @ 8 mins, went an extra two mins just because I felt like I spent a lot of time transitioning between burpees and the banded low rings for the muscle ups, and got 5+7

    did 30 HSPUS in sets of 3, some ended up being sets of two, but the majority were sets of three

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  2. Did A and B this morning!

    A. 205
    B. 220, 230xMiss
    *220 felt good, hitting this from the hang was big for me
    C. 305, 325, 345
    *325 Felt really light

    Metcon: 6rds +7 PC + 1 BMU

    60 HSPU Done alternating 5s with Brayn. Didn’t keep track of time here. Felt better as we got deeper.



  3. Today was frustrating, everything was hurting my leg.

    A1. Did with 16# weight vest
    A2. Just strict. Can get high enough, but cant seem to get my chest to touch without a kip. Did in sets of 4 and 1.
    B. done

    A. Got to 93# before leg starting to not feel good.
    B. Worked up to 95. 105 really pulled at the hamstring, so I went back down to 85 and did a few more for technique.
    C. Did some very light front squats at 105.

    Went for 10ish minutes to finish the round of 6.
    Modified with MUs on low rings with orange band. Did all burpees first.
    Did cleans at 125 and still was hurting a bit. Had to take it slow and get good form to not aggravate leg.

    45 HSPUs done in about 7 min.



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