January 23rd, 2017

 Gymnastics (courtesy of CFM/PowerMonkey)
A. Front uprise practice – 10 attempts catching as high as possible
(B & C can be post-workout)
B1. Weighted strict dip cluster rest :20 rest 2 minutes x 4 sets
B2. Weighted pull up cluster rest :20 rest 2 minutes x 4 sets
C.  30 dragon flags – not for time (check out PMF’s FB post here: https://www.facebook.com/PowerMonkeyFitness/videos/1084315504933103/?fallback=1

A. Snatch from Pause @knee + Hang Snatch + OHS; Heavy Single in 10 minutes (after warmup to 50%)
B. Front Squat; 85%x3x3

For time:
9 Snatches @155-185/105-125
12 Ring Muscle Ups
18 Box Jumps @30/24″
150 Double Unders
18 Box Jumps @30/24″
12 Bar Muscle Ups
9 Snatches @155-185/105-125

Rest 10 minutes, then…

For time:
100/80 Calorie Row
*Every minute, complete 50 ft SB Carry @chest @150/100lb, including at start



  1. A. Got close, still needed a little bit of press out at the top.
    B. Will do later.
    C. Done.

    Snatch: 155
    FS: 245 for 1 set then 245-225×2, then 225. (Was feeling so heavy today) Fromt squats have felt terrible lately.

    Metcon with Kari:
    Amrap 10:
    3 CJ 135/95
    3 BMU
    6-6, 9-9, etc.
    I got 6 BMU into the 15 BMU. Ripped early in the set of 12 which slowed me down big time. I think I get through the 15s and a few clean and jerks if I didn’t rip. She got 7 BMU into the 18 BMU. Damn.

    Row and carry: 8:49.
    Had to carry two bags to get to 150#, which sucked cause it was extra difficult to carry haha.

    Fun day training!

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  2. A. No successful attempts 😕
    Totally forgot to come back to B and C after the metcons. Will make up later this week.

    A. 98#
    B. 173#

    Per Adam’s recommendation, I did:
    10 minute amrap:
    1 Snatch
    2 ring Mu
    3 tall box jump
    2 bar muscle up
    30 double unders

    Got 4 + 1 at 93#


    Glad to be back and work out the vacation fatty feels!

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  3. Gymm.
    A) Front uprise, almost made it full locked out. Needed a slight press out.
    B & C) totally forgot to do but I will tomorrow.

    A) 205, and then missed 220 from the hang.
    B) 325. Felt heavy but looked solid.

    *went 3,3,3 UB on first set of snatches. Missed 3 reps in the second set

    7:51 on the Row piece

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  4. A) Worked up to 170, prob had more room
    B) 240. Felt heavy, lower back was giving issues, had a belt on last set.

    Used 145#, had 155 to warm up but the lock out was giving me issues.
    Was happy to get bigger sets of RMU and BMU. All 5-4-3
    Dubs, 50,30,25, 25,20

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  5. Gymnastics:
    A: tried a bunch of muscle ups, definitely pulling higher but have to work on trying to speed up my transitions
    B&C: Honestly forgot about them until I was packed up, I will make them up this week for sure

    A: Got 93# easy and then kept missing the second hang snatch at 98# – pretty happy with this though, they felt good today
    B: 158#x3x3 – also felt good!

    Did what Adam suggested for Emma:
    10 minute amrap:
    1 Snatch
    2 ring Mu (did them on low rings with the little blue band)
    3 tall box jump
    2 bar muscle up (lowered this to 1)
    30 double unders

    Got 4+23, and didn’t miss any of the BMUs – pretty excited about that.

    Rowing/sandbag: 7:49

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